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Soothing Face Wash

"I LOVE the [Soothing] Face Wash I ordered. I'm REALLY picky with my face. I cannot do a lot of products. One in the shower and MAYBE a moisturizer. I like how easily it rinses away." -Sarah B, Houston, TX

Soothing Face Wash

"Love love love the cleanser!!!! I can see the brown spots deminishing and I love the overall appearance of my face. I believe I am more radiant!! I will be purchasing the cleanser again! Thank you Lauren!" -Terry, Shenandoah Junction, WV


"I am loving the Countertime line because I love the way my skin feels and looks! Especially the Soothing Face Wash and Vibrant Eye Perfector. But I also love The Essentials Gentle Exfoliator because it cleans my pores, gets rid of blackheads, and deep cleans VERY gently, without any irritation! And, the Lip Sheers and …