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We’re excited to introduce our new Shop One, Share One initiative for the 2017 holiday season! With every purchase of the Glow and Go Mini Oils gift set ($28 USD/$34 CAD), we’re donating one to patients at the UCLA Jonsson Comprehensive Cancer Center (UCLA Fights Cancer) —a trailblazing destination for research, education, and patient care. (Up to 5,000 sets.) Please spread the word so we can all help as many people as possible!

My personal goal is 100 of these in October–can you help me!? These oils sell for $68 full-sized and are our flagship product that we literally launched with! Our #1 Oil won this year’s Best of Beauty Award, #2 Oil has been a top selling anti-aging product from the start of Beautycounter and #3 is my go to to keep breakouts at bay. ONLY $28!!! This is the perfect gift for your sister, best friend, stocking stuffer, hostess gift! 

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Just Go For It!

I get goosebumps when I realize that not only am I part of a huge social movement to change the world we live in and raise our kids in, but the world is taking note!

Washington is paying attention. We are being heard loud and clear! The demand for safe products isn’t a trend. People are starting to realize that they deserve better. And we’re getting the conversation started.

But even in our mission to bring safe products into the hands of everyone, we still believe and appreciate the business side of the equation. We really do believe that you can have it all because just look, we do.

The financial opportunity that Beautycounter offers is unlike any other company that I know. For less than $1000 you could start and own your own business. By following our simple system and being coachable, I can help you make back your investment in 1 to 2 months. Things like this don’t happen often. They only come around once in a lifetime, don’t let this opportunity pass you by. Don’t look back a few years from now and say ‘I wish I had just gone for it.’

Just go for it.

‘What about the risks?’ What risks? Worse thing that could happen is that you made the switch to safer products for you, your family, and those you love.

These are products we use every single day. These are things that we buy anyways. So, really, there are no risks.

This is seriously just so inspiring. These brilliant and beautiful women, Gregg, Christy, Mia and so many others have created this incredible opportunity and I’m pinching myself that I found it in the most perfect timing!

Please watch and share this segment. Because it’s happening!

For more information on how you can lock arms with us email me at or visit my website:


Learn more about the Beautycounter mission from Founder & CEO, Gregg Renfrew, by calling 888.988.5452

Why Beautycounter? 

It didn’t take long for me to realize that I had to become involved with Beautycounter. Of course, I was nervous. I had never done anything like this and from what I had heard, most of these kinds of ‘things’ were scams, but I just couldn’t help but think that Beautycounter wasn’t like everyone else.

I wasn’t a ‘salesperson’, in fact, I’m still not. I hate sales, actually, but I knew I loved educating. I loved meeting new people and I loved getting the conversation started.

When I was first introduced to Beautycounter I didn’t really appreciate it the way I should have. Not once did it ever occur to me that the products sold in stores may not be safe for me. But after learning more about this unregulated industry I realized there was actually nothing like Beautycounter on the market. 

Beautycounter had set a new standard by banning over 1,500 harmful toxins and chemicals from their products. They are a company completely committed to truth and transparency.

Their business wasn’t just focused on sales. The focus was education. The drive was the mission to get safe products into the hands of everyone. And that was something I knew I had to support any way I could. 

As a mom, a wife, a daughter, a sister, a friend, I knew I had to become a part of the movement to get safe products into the hands of everyone. I shared Gregg’s vision where one day my kids (yours too!) would be able to shop wherever and have full disclosure on what’s in their personal care products and cosmetics. People shouldn’t have to choose between health and beauty. And the I learned the truth and how no one is standing up for us, I knew I had to. 

As a consumer, I was tired of being lied to. Tricked. Deceived. Why was I being exposed to Cancer causing toxins without ever knowing? How could these ingredients be allowed in the products I put on myself and my children every single day? Why should my shampoo cause infertility? How could my makeup contain the more lead than gasoline? How was it possible that before I took my first sip of coffee for the day I had already exposed myself to hundreds of toxic chemicals, many that had no safety data whatsoever? The list of questions goes on and on.

And there is no acceptable answer. 

The bottom line is we deserve better and at Beautycounter we’re doing something about it. 

I became a part of this movement because I knew I had to be a voice. I knew I had to tell people the truth. And I had to give people a chance to stand up for themselves.

I also wanted a ‘job’ where I knew I was making a difference in the lives of others. Ending each day knowing that I did something more. That I had the opportunity to give back, not just to my family, but to my community, to my friends, to those I loved, and even to those I had never met. 

But really, more than all of that, I became a part of this movement because I wanted to be an example for my kids. I wanted to show them that you can make a difference no matter how big or how small. And if you’re passionate about something to go for it. Take chances on yourself and stand up for what matters. And remember to stand up even if you’re the only one standing. 

Because when you know better you do better and that can change everything.


We Deserve Better.

If you have been curious about the income opportunity with Beautycounter and how it’s possible that women (and men!) just like you are earning $500, $5000 and $50,000+ a month by sharing our mission, join me tonight at 6 pm CST– Email me for the dial in info! (
What do you have to lose but maybe some debt or some items knocked off of your to do list (like a maid, savings, etc!)?

We also have some HUGE news coming in April starting today and you do want to be on board to reap the benefits!
I am looking to help women (and men!) just like you grow a successful business with full time income and part time hours. The first 4 new consultants who join my team in April who start off with $200 in sales will earn a special ‘Welcome’ gift from me in addition to the $50 product credit that Beautycounter will give you!

Dial in tonight. Find out if this is something you could do. Help me spread the mission so that someday OUR children won’t have to scrutinize their cosmetics and personal care product purchases to make sure that they aren’t taking home ingredients linked to cancer or infertility or hormonal disruption.

Our company has TRIPLED since last May! TRIPLED in volume! It’s only April 1st!

We aren’t just another ‘direct sales’ brand. We are on a mission and we are not stopping until we force change in this stale industry that has protected big business and not the consumer for 77 years!

Stand with me and help us get safe products into the hands of everyone.

We deserve better.


Starting this one tomorrow!

From tainted pet food to toxic toys, Americans can thank the successful lobbying efforts of the U.S. chemical industry for the secret ingredients in everyday products that have been linked to rising rates of infertility, endocrine system disruptions, neurological disorders, and cancer.

While the U.S. Congress stalls in the face of these dangers, the European Union has chosen to act. Strict consumer-safety regulations have forced multinationals to manufacture safer products for European consumers, while lower U.S. standards allow them to continue selling unsafe products to Americans. Schapiro’s exposé shows that short of strong government action, the United States will lose not only its ability to protect citizens from environmental hazards but also, as economic priorities shift, whatever claim it has to commercial supremacy. Increasingly, products on American shelves are equated with serious health hazards, hazards that the European Union is legislating out of existence in its powerful trading bloc, a lead that even China is beginning to follow. Schapiro illustrates how the blowback from weak regulation at home carries a steep economic, as well as environmental, price.

In Exposed: The Toxic Chemistry of Everyday Products and What’s at Stake for American Power, investigative journalist Mark Schapiro takes the reader to the front lines of global corporate and political power, where tectonic battles are being waged that will determine the physical and economic health of our children and ourselves.

Available here!**

**There is an updated version available.

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How Can I KNOW Beautycounter Products are the Safest Available?

Q: How can I KNOW Beautycounter products are the safest available?

A: Behind the Science

The formulas behind Beautycounter skincare and cosmetics are the result of extensive research and innovative thinking. Together with Mia Davis, our Head of Health and Safety, and likeminded chemists at leading cosmetics labs in California, Texas, and Michigan, our product development team works to continually create safe, effective and desirable products for you and your family.

The Ingredient Selection Process

Every ingredient that goes into a Beautycounter is chosen with intent.
After eliminating the 1,300 ingredients banned or restricted by the European Union, the 11 that are banned in the U.S., and the dozens on our own Never List, we consider each ingredient individually, asking ourselves: Is it safe? What do we know about it? Do we need it? Will it make the product better?

The Ingredient Screen

Our stringent and comprehensive Ingredient Screen ensures ingredients are systemically evaluated using several important environmental health endpoints (i.e. carcinogenicity, reproductive toxicity, mutagenicity, skin and organ irritation).
Our Ingredient Screen is based on the Clean Production Action GreenScreen, a tool utilized by manufacturers, non-governmental organizations, and the government to compare chemical hazards and identify safer alternatives. Our Screen also takes into account even the very low dose exposures that are common with cosmetics.

Gathering Data

We consult with scientists and industry leaders working to reduce exposure to toxic chemicals, and to develop safer, green chemicals from the start. Our health and safety team collects for data and information from many sources, including:

· CosIng (the EU Commission database)
· Environmental Protection Agency’s Design for the Environment program (EPA’s DfE)
· EWG’s Skin Deep Cosmetics Database
· International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC)
· International Cooperation on Cosmetics Regulation (ICCR)
· Material Data Safety Sheets (MSDS)
· Peer reviewed journal articles on ingredients (e.g. PubMed)
· Substitute It Now (SIN) List
· The CA Department of Public Health Safe Cosmetics Program
· The Endocrine Disruption Exchange (TEDX)
· The Food and Drug Administration (FDA)
· Pharos Project Database

Weighing The Options

We give preference to ingredients that have available safety data over those without because the absence of data does not mean an ingredient is safe. But since more than 80% of cosmetics ingredients have not been adequately assessed for safety, it isn’t always possible to use only ingredients with data in our products.

When our formulators would like to use an ingredient that has no publically available safety data, we consider the following:

· Has it been used for a long time without any known health impacts?
· Is this ingredient related to or structured like other chemicals for which there is data?
· What is the source of the ingredient?
· What kind of processing is it put through?
· Is the molecule large, and therefore less likely to be absorbed by the skin?
· Do we absolutely need this ingredient to have the product function?
· Is this ingredient taking the place of a functional ingredient that is very undesirable from a safety standpoint?
· Who else is using this ingredient?

If an ingredient is approved, we flag the lack of data, and search for emerging data on a quarterly basis. If studies later reveal a health concern, we will reformulate without that ingredient.

Developing Safer Products

When we are satisfied with a product’s formulation, efficacy, and performance in the lab, we send finished samples to a third-party testing facility to search for any background contamination. Products are sent to testing facilities twice a year or whenever there is a change in formulation to ensure our suppliers are maintaining trace or no-detect levels of potential contaminants like including lead, mercury, arsenic and cadmium.

We have what we believe is the strictest heavy metal rule in the cosmetics industry – while zero is always the goal, our allowable background levels a extremely low. We arrived at these levels by analyzing the amounts that the EPA allows in drinking water and that the FDA allows in food, and by ensuring that our limits are far below what other studies have found in lipstick and children’s face paint.

The Final Test

All of our products are tested for potential irritation using human volunteers (not animals).

Opportunity Call Giveaway

Because it’s the holidays and I am in the mood to give things away, when I get 10 people to listen to this call, leave a comment sharing what they found most surprising, I will give away a FREE Lip Balm, your choice of Peppermint and Calendula (retail, $18).
Must listen to the call by Sunday evening. Drawing only takes place when there are 10 participants, so if you like what you hear,share it with your friends and family!

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Black Friday Holiday Facebook Social

Join me, this Black Friday weekend for an Online Beautycounter Social.

This holiday season give the gift of safety. We shouldn’t have to compromise our health in the name of beauty, and now we don’t have too.

Why is this so important? Did you know that 1 in 2 men and 1 in 3 women in the U.S. WILL BE diagnosed with Cancer in their lifetime? Or that our children’s generation is the first generation to live sicker and die younger than the generation before? Genetics hasn’t changed that much in the last 50 years, but something has, and I believe it has to do with the toxins in our environment that we are exposed to every single day.

I’m not suggesting that we should live in a bubble, and there really is no way to avoid these toxins completely, but let me help you make an easy switch. It’s not about perfection, it’s about progress.

Beautycounter has created a line of safe, stylish, and chic products. Products that you will love using and products that you will love recommending to your friends and family.

So this weekend join me from the comfort of your own home, or from your phone while you are waiting in line, do a little shopping, and be entered in to win up to 4 products at 1/2 off with my Mystery Host Giveaway!

Also, I will be giving away over $100 in products, so be sure to join me on Friday and find out how you can win!

This event will start at 12:01am EST on November 28th and will last until 2:59am EST December 1st

All orders must be placed by 2:59am EST December 1 to be eligible for any giveaways or contests. No exceptions.

Whether you’ve been using Beautycounter for months or you want to learn more about our mission to get safe products into the hands of everyone, you won’t want to miss this event!

For more information, please visit or email me at

Please RSVP to so I can be sure to send you an invite to the event.

Be sure to fill this Holiday Wish List out and send it to me by Saturday for your chance to win a FREE gift. (Must join social to win, no purchase necessary.)