Drumroll, please!

Tomorrow through Friday, "The 'B' Word" will be available at Amazon on Kindle for FREE!!! Don't have a Kindle? That's okay, too! Just download the Kindle App. Available in iTunes and the Google Play store. Be sure to tell your friends, your family, EVERYONE! "The 'B' Word" is the PERFECT summer read! XXOO!

“The ‘B’ Word”

With summer just around the corner it's time to start thinking about the perfect summer read! Well, this is it! "The 'B' Word" is perfect for the beach, the pool, or just lounging around the house. Available on Kindle and Nook!

1. Because you know me personally and then you can tell your friends that you know someone who wrote a book 2. Because you want to support a stay-at-home-mama 3. Because it's only $3.99 4. Because you know writing is my passion 5. Because you know that passion doesn't pay the bills 6. Because you …