Thank You!

Thank you to everyone who took the time out to help celebrate Beautycounter’s second anniversary! I had so much fun sharing this amazing company and incredible mission with each of you! I hope that I was able to teach you something new. And I encourage you to make small changes, whatever that looks like, in your own home because the choices we make today, matter tomorrow.





If you were unable to make it yesterday, but want to learn more about Beautycounter, please visit my website.

Photo Credit: Lauren Falber


Have felt pretty hopeless lately about a few things in my life. I get busy and rundown. I forget to stop and catch my breath a lot of the times, but then I look at this wall, and it’s covered in hope. It is such a nice reminder. Life isn’t hopeless and while I may be having hard days, there is hope. I just gotta remember to look up and see it.

Photo Credit: Lauren Falber

Iced Coffee

iced coffee
Photo Credit: Lauren Falber
Today, I get to work with the windows open while sipping on some fresh Iced Coffee. Sometimes I wonder what I’ve done to deserve all of this and then I remember, nothing. I’ve done absolutely nothing to deserve it. The truth is He just loves me. And He has made all of this possible. (I love how He pays attention to the little details too, don’t you?)

What are you grateful for today?