Who doesn’t want to try and be healthier?!

I am, by no means, the healthiest person. I still eat pizza and greasy burgers every now and again. I love candy and sweets, but I also enjoy my fruits and veggies!

However, since I began my own Beautycounter business and I began looking into healthier, safer lifestyles for me and my family, I can’t help but try harder to eat better and exercise more.

Sometimes, though, it’s hard to get off the couch. Sometimes, I don’t want to eat the apple or the carrots. Sometimes I want brownies and cake. And I let myself have brownies and cake because no one’s holding me accountable!

Well, not anymore. My friend recently introduced me to the app Pact. This app allows you to set weekly goals for yourself in three areas. You get to set a workout goal, a food log goal, and a fruits and veggies goal. Now, you’re probably thinking ‘ok, but this isn’t that awesome.’ But there’s more! When you reach your goals each week you get paid, real money. However, if you don’t reach your goals, you pay, real money for each day you missed, and there it is, folks, accountability.

Because who in their right mind wants to pay someone else $5 for eating that brownie or that greasy hamburger?! NO ONE!

Now don’t worry. You pick your goals. So you can start off making small changes, because we know that small changes make BIG impacts. So maybe you’ll commit to eating one fruit or veggie a week? Maybe you’re already eating 50 fruits and veggies a day? That’s it. Log it and you get paid.

(Once you get paid, you should then head on over to my Beautycounter website and spend your earnings on safer beauty and personal care products for you and your family! Just a suggestion.)



Don’t Forget!

Mother’s Day is just around the corner! (May 11th) Don’t forget to get that special lady in your life something she will love!

I have three fantastic ideas to help you shop with ease.

1. The ‘B’ Word For the reader in your life! My debut novel is perfect for moms to read while they relax by the pool, at the beach, or just on the couch. It is the perfect novel to get lost in. Available for Kindle and Nook! (And remember, even if your mom doesn’t have a Kindle or Nook, she can download the Kindle or Nook app right on her smartphone or tablet!)

2. Beautycounter Help you mother stay safe and beautiful! At Beautycounter, we ban over 1,500 harmful ingredients from our products. In the past, women have been forced to choose between beauty and safety, but not anymore. Now your mom can have her cake and eat it too!

3. She Made It Homemade’s And finally, take a look around my Etsy shop and pick out a unique, one-of-a-kind gift. From hand knitted goodies to homemade cookie mix, your sure to find something just as special as she is!

Jade Made Creations


I love unique things. I love creative people. I love unique things made by creative people! And so when I saw my friend talking about her new wrap scrap headband I immediately had to find out what this ‘wrap scrap’ was, who made it, and where I could get some!


That’s how I stumbled onto Jade Made Creations. Jade Chiu is a 27 year old, natural living and attachment parenting mama to Zoey, her two year old daughter. Married to Sam, her husband, for four years, Jade Made Creations started when Jade became a stay-at-home-mama. Like most of us SAHM’s she wanted to buy things that she and her husband couldn’t really afford and so she decided to make some of the items herself!

A few months passed and Jade’s friends started asking her to make them things too and soon she realized that she may have come up with something. With the encouragement from her friends and family she branched out and started Jade Made Creations.

Jade Made Creations features Eco-friendly, up-cycled wrap scrap  accessories and creations. Jade’s favorite item to make? “Probably necklaces,” she said.


And that’s exactly what I made sure to order from Jade! “They are great for teething babies to chomp on, for breastfeeding or bottle feeding babies to fiddle with while eating and for babywearing babies to play with instead of pulling their parents hair.”

And Adelaide knows a thing or two about pulling hair and recently she’s learned to pinch boobies while she eats, so when I learned I could get something that would prevent that from happening that was reason enough for me!

And I am so happy I did because Adelaide has fallen in love with this necklace. She isn’t pinching or pulling anymore, well that’s a lie, she is, but now she’s pinching and pulling our necklace!

photo 2(2)

Jade has so much more than just necklaces. Make sure to check out her entire line which also includes headbands, bracelets, wristlets, door latch covers, sleep masks, wet bags, snack and sandwich bags, key fobs, buttons, earrings, hair pins, lovies, EC belts and more!


Jade Made Creations are not only practical, they are also gorgeous and unique! And Jade’s prices aren’t going to empty out your pockets either.

Interested in getting your hands on your very own Jade Made Creations?? Sweet! Just check out Jade Made Creations on Facebook! Or Instagram: Jadeyeonghee.

photo 1(4)

Also, to my friends in NC be sure to check out Jade and Jade Made Creations at the Baby Belly Bazaar, Saturday, November 9 from 10am-2pm. Details are below!


Beauty Trick: Salt


I have never been the kind of girl to spend a ton of money on myself. I haven’t had a haircut in about 2 years. I have probably spent $20 on makeup in the last 6 months, It’s not because I don’t appreciate looking pretty or dressing up, but I just don’t have time and I just really don’t go anywhere important enough! But that doesn’t mean I don’t have some favorite beauty treatments, ideas, or products.

So today, I want to share my most favorite beauty product/trick. Salt has been a huge part of my beauty regimen for years. I use it to rinse my mouth before I brush my teeth, to spray in my hair to make my curls turn in to waves, and I love using salt to exfoliate.

I have had the worst time with my teeth during both of my pregnancies. I don’t know what it is about my kids, but they both make my gums super sensitive and they last that way until after the pregnancy is over. So I learned that I had to take extra good care of my teeth because I didn’t want any problems during pregnancy where I might not be able to be super drugged to take care of it! (I am not a fan of the dentist at all!) That’s why I started doing a pre-rinse with salt water. Especially if my gums were sore the salt water would soothe them, while getting in between the hard-to-reach-places and loosening up anything that I needed to brush away. I did this while pregnant with both kids and find that I still do it frequently.


Years ago, I was visiting my grandparents in Florida. I love the beach. I love laying on the beach and playing on the beach, but I am not a huge fan of swimming in the ocean or the gulf or the sea or any other body of water that isn’t chlorinated. However, I love salt water and what it can do for your hair. There is just something about the beach look that I love and when you have hair like mine, meaning it does nothing and there’s a lot of it, you will do anything to make it do something. And so since I don’t swim in saltwater I found that I could buy a spray bottle from the store, add some salt, add some water and BAM, salt water. After I get out of the shower, I towel dry my hair, spray my salt water on my hair, and then let it air dry, voila! Looks like I just stepped out of the water!


I don’t usually have a lot of time in the shower. Adelaide knows. She always knows. And she doesn’t like it when I’m in the shower, so I usually jump in and work quickly so I can jump right out. So on the days that I can actually take my time and not have to rush I really enjoy making the most of it and one of my favorite things to do is exfoliate with salt. My skin instantly feels better and it is so soft. Like really, really, really soft. Exfoliating and then shaving makes my skin feel so young and vibrant. I try to exfoliate at least once a month. I just pour some salt into my hand and rub all over my face, arms, legs, stomach, and back, then rinse. Doesn’t take much time and I’m out before Adelaide knows any different!

I usually use sea salt that you can buy at most retailers, but any salt seems to work. What are some of your favorite beauty tricks? Have you tried salt before? Let me know!


This week on “Friday Favorites” I want to share with you one of my most favorite blogs, women, mother, and friend. her name is Mandy and she is responsible for

When I moved to Houston back in February, I knew no one. I mean, I knew of a couple of people through my husband, but I didn’t know anyone that had children or shared the same beliefs I did or was into the same things I was. I was lonely and most of you knew that.

My best friend back home kept in touch with me and one day she encouraged me to follow this lady on Instagram. She told me she was from Texas, and she was such an inspiration because she was into God, and she had a large family, and she was a stay-at-home-mama; she was exactly the kind of person me and Deb would be friends with.


So I checked out Mandy’s Instagram and realized, rather quickly, that Deb was right. This lady was super awesome and I could see why Deb considered her inspirational.


The mother of 5, pregnant with baby number 6, happily married, living a life devoted to her family and to Christ, and she was a blogger. I was in new interest heaven. And then, as I began to stalk her profile even more, I noticed that she was located in Tomball Texas, just like me!


Well if this wasn’t fate!

Months passed and I wasn’t sure how to make my first move. I would comment on her pictures as they filled up my Instagram news feed. I would look in awe at her audience and number of followers. See? I wasn’t the only one who thought this lady was pretty darn cool! We liked lots of the same things: Apps for our phones, taking pictures/instagram, talking about our walk with Jesus, even our style seemed to mimic each other.


So one day, and I’m not sure why I hadn’t done it earlier, I went to Mandy’s blog. I had wanted to get her recipe for homemade cleaning products, but as I navigated her site, I realized she had a lot more to offer.

She has a series in her blog titled “Mothering in the Moment” and as I read I realized that we had a lot in common and something told me that I should be her friend. And so, I emailed her. I told her who I was. I told her how I came across her blog. And I told her that her writing spoke a lot to me and how I thought that I was supposed to be her friend. I also made sure to include that I wasn’t crazy, even though, this was a crazy thing I was doing. I was never one to reach out via the internet, but I knew that I needed to this time.


A few hours later, she had responded. She was just as nice as I had imagined her to be and she invited me over to her house to hang out. And so I did.

Her kids were amazing and Jaxsyn was so excited to finally have some friends! Not to mention her home reminded me a lot of NC. She lived in the woods and the kids could just run and play outside, just like back home. There were trees everywhere and the gravel driveway reminded me of pulling into my parents’.


It was because of her blog that I felt so comfortable around Mandy and her family. She is exactly who she portrays on her blog, which is something that doesn’t happen too often. From her parenting advice and her gut-wrenching accounts of being a mother to her take on being frugal and living on less, Mandy knows what she’s talking about. And if you don’t believe me, just ask one of her 1000+ followers.

I know that we’ve just met and I know that we both have a lot going on in our lives, but I’m excited about this friendship. Just another thing to add to the list that God does for me. Coincidence? No way. I know this sounds super insane, but I feel like this is God’s way of giving me a little piece of Deb down here!


Make sure to check out Mandy at and follow her on Instagram: McMandyMom

Marshmallow Made


I love supporting other mommas. I especially love supporting them when they are my best friend. But that’s not the only reason I have fallen in love with Marshmallow Made, being able to get clothes, baby supplies, and accessories at reasonable prices while still being able to support a small business?! That’s really why I’m so in love with this company. Debra Hoeing, owner of Marshmallow Made, is responsible for creating cute, custom-made orders for any and all ages.


Debra first began sewing when she was in high school, but didn’t come up with Marshmallow Made until this past March. Her inspiration? Her three beautiful daughters. She wanted to create simple, yet unique dresses for them, but once friends and family saw what she was doing, she knew she had stumbled upon something awesome, and there was no turning back.


At first, Marshmallow Made only featured custom baby wraps and little girl clothes, but within a short period of time Debra realized that she could create so much more and so now she offers anything you can think of, from outfits for little boys, purses, diaper bags, and even women’s dresses. If you can dream it, she can create it.

1176162_199173313592409_2086384684_n601654_157753287734412_2120667497_n 400519_167693556740385_1742304481_n998163_178188915690849_1367166781_n

I have been nothing but satisfied with my purchases (and gifts) from Marshmallow Made and cannot wait to expand my collection even further. Not only are the products adorable (I mean, just look at baby Blue down there!), but they are high quality and it’s nice to support small business!


With the holidays just around the corner, I encourage you to go check out Marshmallow Made, order a few gifts for some friends and maybe even something for yourself! I promise you, it’ll be worth it!

For more information:


Follow Marshmallow Made on Instagram: @marshmallowmade