Lustro Oil #3

"My two year old has never battled with diaper rash in his life except when we were on a road trip. I got home yesterday, used two drops of Lustro Oil #3 and two drops this morning and it has completely cleared up!"

The Face Collection

"I'm loving it [Face Collection] so far! My skin isn't oily, no detox. I like the bath stuff too! I'll keep you posted!" -Lauren W, Boonville, NC. (And this is just a few days after using Beautycounter for the first time!)

Color Cosmetics

"Lauren, so far I have loved every product I've purchased and the Color Cosmetics are amazing!!! It's so nice to know the products I'm using are safe- probably the safest on the market!" - Nicole C. Huntersville, NC

Soothing Face Wash

"I LOVE the [Soothing] Face Wash I ordered. I'm REALLY picky with my face. I cannot do a lot of products. One in the shower and MAYBE a moisturizer. I like how easily it rinses away." -Sarah B, Houston, TX

Clean & Rinse

"I really like my shampoo and conditioner. It never weighs down my hair and leaves it clean with a light natural fragrance." -Emily, Hamptonville, NC

Hydrate Body Lotion

"So I got the lotion and I have to say that it was worth the $30 bucks I spent on it..... I have just about every lotion on the shelves, from Jergans to Burts Bees to Bath and Body Works, Avon Skin So Soft.....everything.....nothing has been able to treat my Psorasis on my right elbow....I …