Essentials Face Collection

Amazing Beautycounter testimonial from and Essential Oils user!! (I am just learning about EO’s and can’t wait to start using them!

“So, I know that I often rave about essential oils. And here’s the thing… EO’s can pull toxins out of your body, which is a good thing! BUT, if the OTHER products you’re putting on your skin are junk, you’re just replacing the toxins you’re trying to rid yourself of! I use Beautycounter’s every day line for my face right now, and I’m loving it! They guarantee there will never be cancer causing junk in their products… Only the good stuff that’s KNOWN to be safe. That means their company bans over 1500 products that the US won’t because they are that committed to safe, quality products. (many of those 1500 are known to cause cancer…and you’re probably using them on your baby!) In case you’re wondering, I don’t get compensated for saying all this…I’m just passionate about using products for my family that I know won’t kill them or cause infertility down the road!) I’m obsessed!”

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An Opportunity to Renew

“You know, a lot of companies these days create a product and then tack a social justice or philanthropic mission onto it because it’s the trendy thing to do right now. I think it’s pretty awesome that with your company, the product IS the mission. What you’re selling is itself an opportunity to renew- and hopefully change- something that has been wrong for a lot of years.”

– Client in Chapel Hill, NC

Color Cosmetics

“Lauren, so far I have loved every product I’ve purchased and the Color Cosmetics are amazing!!! It’s so nice to know the products I’m using are safe- probably the safest on the market!”
– Nicole C. Huntersville, NC

Hydrate and Routine Clean

“I love my Beautycounter purchases! I have tried the face wash and lotion and love them! I love the smell of both of them, neither are overpowering but have a clean smell. The lotion’s smell is my favorite; it has a slight orangey smell that is refreshing and invigorating. The lotion nourishes my skin without being sticky or heavy. I love that the face wash is not too harsh but I still feel like my face is clean. Best of all is the comfort in knowing that there are so many chemicals that are NOT going in my body. I can’t wait to try more products! I do recommend them to my friends and family!”
-Sheree B, Concord, NC

Hydrate Body Lotion

“So I got the lotion and I have to say that it was worth the $30 bucks I spent on it….. I have just about every lotion on the shelves, from Jergans to Burts Bees to Bath and Body Works, Avon Skin So Soft…..everything…..nothing has been able to treat my Psorasis on my right elbow….I put it on my elbow yesterday and it cleared it up right away…holy crap, I’m just amazed!I’m amazed Lauren, NOTHING has been able to touch it until now…..”
-Ellen, Wilmington NC