Makeup Lovers, I’m talking to you. 

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Take the Job

Because sometimes I forget just how important the work is that I am doing.

Because sometimes I let others’ opinions take away from what it is that I am doing.

No, we’re not like company XYZ.

No, I’m not a part of a pyramid scheme. (Y’all do know those are illegal, right?)

I am simply a woman who decided that enough was enough.

A woman who has had it up to here.

A woman who is completely fed up.

I am simply a mother, daughter, sister, and friend who has decided to speak up and be a voice for all of us.

And maybe you don’t see that yet.

Maybe you think that I’m just ‘selling’ makeup.

But once you see what I see. Once you realize that this has nothing to do with ‘selling’ anything. Once you understand this opportunity for what it is.

You’ll get it.

You’ll understand why this matters.

You’ll understand where my passion comes from.

You’ll realize that we actually have the opportunity to change things.

That we have the opportunity to be a part of something so much bigger than ourselves.

That one day my kids will get to say ‘My mom was a part of that.’

You’ll realize that we deserve better.

All of us.

And you’ll want to be a part of that.

For you. For that person you loved who wasn’t given this chance. For your children.

Because sitting back and waiting for someone else to do it will no longer be acceptable.

Because you’ll become the one who has decided enough was enough.

Because you’ll have had it up to here.

Because you will find yourself completely fed up.

Because you’ll decide to lend your voice.

Because you’ll realize why this matters.

And because you’ll find your own passion.

Because we all deserve better. (Curious? Watch this.)

Learn more: here.



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Your Turn.

Okay ladies. Let’s talk hair for just a minute. 

Confession. I used to have awful hair. I suffered from dandruff and dry scalp my whole life. I wouldn’t wear black. I couldn’t use any of the good smelling shampoos. Only dandruff shampoo. And I remember being so jealous of my friends who’s hair smelled so yummy and amazing. 

So when I was first introduced to Beautycounter I just assumed I would never be able to use their shampoo. I mean, we are talking 30 years of NEVER being able to use any other shampoo besides dandruff. But I tried it anyways. Mainly so I could tell my clients what it was like. Instantly my dandruff and dry scalp went away. I was still skeptical. Surely it would come back. 

But y’all, it’s been almost 3 years and still no dandruff.

Not to mention, I have the best hair of my life, but I’m sure many of you have had to switch from your favorite shampoo after a few months because your hair gets use to it. You get that buildup. And so you switch back and forth every few months. Not me. Almost 3 years and I’ve had no issue with buildup. 

My hair is healthy, shiny, flake free, and full of body and volume. 

Oh, and did I mention a bottle of shampoo easily lasts me about 9 months? 

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My New Favorite Duo! 

Every once in awhile, if you’re lucky, you’ll find a makeup hack, that’s not only you’re new favorite, can’t live without, but that’s worth sharing with everyone you know, because it’s just that good. 

Y’all, I have found the perfect beauty duo. 

Now, brace yourselves. Because when I first heard about this duo, I laughed. I thought ‘there is no way it can be that good.’ But it can. It is. 

And you totally should try it for yourself. 

All you need is Beautycounter’s Lustro Shimmer Oil ($35) and Beautycounter’s Baby Daily Protective Balm ($22). And then you can have the best looking, glowing, dewy skin ever. 

And yes, I said baby balm. Turns out this little product is great for a ton of things! Next week I’ll be sharing a new trick on how to make your own cream shadow using the balm! 

So, I already loved the Lustro Shimmer Oil as I’ve shared it a few times with you guys, but when you add the balm on top of it, it’s just so much better! 

You know the look you get when you just start to sweat just a little. Maybe you’re at the gym. Maybe you’re laying in the sun. It’s not the grotesque sweating that I’m talking about, but the glow. The natural moisture. Know what I’m talking about? 

This is the look you get. 

And the amazing thing is that it lasts all day long. No matter what you’ve got going on. 

Your skin is going to look like you’ve just stepped off the beach. Perfect for the upcoming Holiday season. 

And don’t forget! You could always add Beautycounter’s Sea Salt Spray ($26) for the complete ‘beachy’ look. 

Seriously y’all, you’ve got to try this. And if for some reason you don’t fall in love, you can totally return it and get your money back, with Beautycounter’s 60 day 100% moneyback guarantee. 

But something tells me, you’re gonna love it as much as I do.