Did You Know?

In honor of my 5 year Beautycounterversary (HOW IS THIS EVEN POSSIBLE?!?) I decided to share 5 fun stats since I joined the coolest company ever.

1. Did you know that it took me almost 6 months in 2014 to welcome a business partner to the team? Now I have a team of over 50! (Including my very first business partner!)

2. Did you know that when I joined Beautycounter there were less than 1,200 consultants? Now we are over 30k strong!

3. Did you know my first paycheck was $137.95? Hard to believe 5 years later I would see my biggest paycheck EVER. Including any job I’ve ever had.

4. Did you know that I’ve made over $61K since joining Beautycounter? I’ve only worked about 1,700 hours. Some of those without a car. That means, I’ve been making nearly $35/hour. Before Beautycounter the most I ever made was $10/hour.

5. Did you know in February 2014 I finished the month at $274 in sales? Today, my team is over $18k. To date, our best month was nearly $40k. So that’s like over 14,000% growth, y’all.

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