One of Those

Oh man, I love when I get this question.

“Are you just another one of those direct sales companies?”

…I don’t know what you know about direct sales companies, but what I can tell you about Beautycounter is this- we are a company that is wholeheartedly committed to getting safer products into the hands of everyone.

And we do this in three important ways: we educate, we provide solutions using commerce as an engine for change creating amazing, high performing products that are significantly safer for our health, and last but certainly not least, we are advocating tirelessly on behalf of ALL consumers for more health protective and comprehensive legislation.

The reason that we sell these products in these ways is because we, at Beautycounter, believe that our stories are best told person to person. Sharing important information the way no other consumer market is currently doing. The reason we believe that the best way to build this movement and the best way to get our mission out there and acknowledged is by talking to people, and sharing the information with everyone you know and everyone in your community. Not to mention, doing that with some pretty kick-ass women by your side.

We prefer to sell our products through independent consultants, but if you don’t want to work with an independent consultant, you are welcome to go into one of our pop up stores or straight to Beautycounter’s website. Look at what the press is saying about us. Who was the top trending clean Beauty company on google for 2018? Beautycounter.

So, are we a direct sales company? The answer is yes. Yes, we are. We are a direct to consumer, direct retail brand, that is empowering a movement through people. Great products, providing educational opportunities, and a business opportunity, that is creating movement to change laws.

I know what we are doing is important, so tell me exactly what is YOUR company doing for the world?

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