Say Hello to Your New Favorite Hair Care

Get ready to meet your new favorite hair care collection. 

You guys. You know how I’ve spent the last 3+ years raving about Beautycounter’s daily shampoo and conditioner because it completely transformed my hair. 

For years I couldn’t use anything besides icky dandruff shampoo. It was horrible. And I hated it. But my scalp was dry and nothing would work. 

Then I was introduced to Beautycounter. Not going to lie, I was a huge skeptic. I had never been able to use any kind of shampoo besides dandruff shampoo and suddenly this was going to work for me?

Yeah, sure.

Except that it did. 

And days later it was still working. 

And I kept waiting for my scalp to return to ‘normal’, but it never did. 

Not only that, but my hair was healthy. 

I got so many compliments on my hair. 

I couldn’t believe it. 

And then a few months ago, Beautycounter launched 3 new hair care lines. 

The skeptic came back. 

How could they make this better? 

Except they did. 

So. Much. Better.

I decided to try the Repair & Nourish collection. I have enough volume and my hair is pretty smooth and controlled. 

Oh. My. Gah. 

First, the smell. I can’t describe it, but it smells SO good. And the smell lasts. Think ‘woody’ and ‘floral’. 

Next, the lather. That is one thing I did miss with our daily shampoo. There was no lather. (Turns out the ‘lather’ in most products is caused by nasty toxic chemicals)

It still doesn’t take much of either product. It rinses easily. And leaves your hair feeling stronger and healthier almost immediately.

I am obsessed with the Split End Serum. 

Like, obsessed, y’all. 

So what makes this collection so amazing?! 

It was developed to nourish dry, damaged hair. It’s formulated with antioxidant-rich bataua oil, which helps restore luster to stressed strands and California blue agave complex to hydrate within and strengthen the outside. 

This set also features Beautycounter’s breakthrough PureFoam Cleansing Technology that delivers that rich lather we all love without damaging sulfates or silicones. 

And did I mention that this collection is completely safe for color treated hair? 

What more could you want? 

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