Gratitude: A Study of Psalms

So we all know that the holiday season is fast approaching. 

(Anyone else having a hard time believing September is almost over?!)

I don’t know about you, but every year I try to go into the holidays grateful. I want to be thankful and have a heart full of gratitude.

But then life happens, and while I am grateful some of the time, I find myself in a season of comparison and ungratefulness. 

So I’ve been praying about it.

Praying how i can get my heart into the right place before heading into this season. 

And, well, the answer has always been in front of me. Or on the nightstand next to my bed. Or lying on my bookshelf.

(Hint: It’s my bible.)

So I’m inviting you to join me, starting October 2nd, for a 10 day study in gratitude. 

We’ll focus most of our attention in Psalms, but of course, we know it doesn’t just begin and end there. 

This study will solely be online and I encourage you to invite a friend. (Or ten.)

While we wait for our time together to begin, I would ask for your prayers. 

Because I’m not always sure I know what I’m doing, but apparently He does. And so I am choosing to trust Him. 

After all, His will, not mine.

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