Hand Holding

Last week, God laid some pretty crazy things on my heart. 

“This is what we’re going to do,” He said. 

I couldn’t help but think He was a little crazy, but I went with it. 

And just to make sure I was hearing Him correctly I went on a 3 day fast. And y’all. I heard Him correctly.

So my fast is over. I’m back to my typical routine and life. And, to be honest, I’m back to my old ways.

I seriously can’t roll my eyes enough at this.

Because the truth is, last week I was so close to Him. Like, so close. I could feel Him everywhere. I knew Him in a way I hadn’t before. Our relationship had become intimate. It had become the relationship that I was dying to have with Him. 

Seriously, I was on another level. 

But like I said, I’ve fallen back to my old habits.

Let me explain.

Okay, so last week God had put some things on my heart. I saw a plan (even if I didn’t have all the details). I saw a purpose. It made sense. 

And I was all in.

So today, when the plan started to drift from what I thought it would look like, my first reaction was to embrace for impact. 

What do I mean?

I mean, telling myself that I probably didn’t hear Him correctly. That maybe I was mistaken. Maybe this wasn’t the plan after all. 


Did you guys see what I just did there? Because I didn’t. Not right away anyways. 

And I’m pretty sure that most of us do what I did, naturally. It’s our go-to because we don’t really get who He is. 

And if you read my blog from last week, you would see that today, I did my best to stuff Him back into that tiny little box. 

Because here’s the truth, y’all. When things started to go differently than I had expected them to, I immediately thought it couldn’t be done. 

The plan He had just couldn’t be done if He didn’t stick to the way I thought it should work. 

Because that’s so typical of me. Thinking that my way is the best way and if it isn’t done my way, well then, what’s the point? 

But here’s the truth. The truth is that my God can do anything. 

The truth is, no matter how hard I try I will never get Him to fit inside of that box. 

The truth is, that this Sunday we are celebrating the fact that my God overcame death. 

The truth is, that there is nothing too impossible for Him.

The truth is, He doesn’t have to have a detailed plan because at His command it will all fall into place.

The truth is, this isn’t really about Him and His abilities, but rather it’s about me, my heart, and my faith to believe that if He said He would, He will. 

And so today when I realized what I had done I had to dig deep and ask myself ‘Do you really think He can do it? Or were you just thinking He could if He did it your way?’ 

And y’all, that realization hurt me. Because at the first sign of it not going the way I thought it should I just believed that He wasn’t going to do it. 

And that is a bold faced lie straight from the pit of hell. 

That’s what the enemy wants me to believe. That not only He won’t do it, but that I never heard Him in the first place. 

Because the enemy would rather create doubt inside of my heart so that I would stop trusting God to do it and maybe take things into my own hands. 

But not this time. 

So what if He doesn’t show me the exact layout of His plan. That’s not how this relationship works. He wants me to know that He is good. And that His plans are good. And that everything He does is for my good. Whether it goes the way I want it to or it doesn’t. 

All I have to do is have faith in Him. 

He doesn’t ask me to collaborate on a plan. He doesn’t ask me for a plan B, if His doesn’t work. All He asks of me is that I have faith in Him and in who He is. 

He isn’t going to show us all the details. Because if He did that makes it easy to trust Him. If we see the details and we see the outcome, what exactly do we have to put our faith in? 

It’s trusting in the things we can’t see. Believing Him even when it looks like the odds are against us. 

It’s being willing to step off the ledge without seeing what’s underneath, but only being able to see who’s holding our hand. 

So today, I want you to join me and ask yourself ‘Do you really think He can do it? Or were you just thinking He could if He did it your way?’

Because I’m thinking He can really do it. 

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