“Why Women Suck”

Just stop already.

I don’t typically use this blog to rant. Or to stand on top of my soap box. But, if I can be honest, enough is enough already.

The other day a friend of mine did a live video on facebook about why women suck. 

Ouch, right?

But here’s the thing. We kind of do. 

Just like my friend, I have had just about enough of this cyber woman bullying that just keeps happening. 

You know what I’m talking about. The women who hide behind a Facebook app and troll their newsfeed looking for anywhere and everywhere that they can share their opinion and why they are right and why they are better than you. 

You know what I’m talking about, right? Maybe you’ve even been guilty of it a few times. 

I will never forget the time that me and the kids had been in a car accident. Hard to believe it will be 3 years ago, next month. I remember being a part of a ‘crunchy mom’ group in Houston. The night of the accident or the next day, I can’t remember, I shared how grateful I was to be alive in the group. And how grateful I was to God for not allowing anything to happen to my kids. 

What happened next was disgusting. 

I was accused of thinking that my kids were better than everyone else’s kids. I was accused of thinking that our lives mattered more than others. I was accused of believing that God loved me and my kids more than the kids He hadn’t saved. 

It got real ugly real fast.

And the truth is, the only way to be offended by what I had posted was to look for it. 

I didn’t think I was better than anyone. I certainly didn’t believe that my kids deserved to live more so than another child, but here I was being attacked and bullied right in the comfort of my own home. 

I felt targeted. Isolated. Confused. Alone. But what I’ve realized almost 3 years later is that this is a common occurrence. 

This happens more often than it should. And it needs to stop.

I don’t want to act like I’m better than anyone. I’ve not always had the nicest things to say about other women. I won’t pretend like I have. And I have been working on that. I have asked God to remove that from my heart. But what I won’t do is bully someone from behind a computer screen. What I won’t do is team up with other women to make someone feel bad. What I won’t do is say something behind my computer screen that I wouldn’t say to their face. 

But what I will do is pray for them. If it’s something serious, I’ll reach out to them privately. If I can’t find it in my heart to say something nice, I’ll pray for myself. If I can’t figure out what to pray, I’ll simply go to Him and ask Him to tell me how I need to pray. 

Because the truth is, I’m not better than anyone else. Neither are you. Let me repeat that, we are not better than anyone else. 

So who cares if someone wore a shirt you didn’t like. Who cares if their makeup made them look ‘cheap’. Who cares if they aren’t feeding their kids gluten free, soy free, non dairy pancakes for breakfast. Who cares if they’re wearing something that you wouldn’t wear. 

Seriously, who cares?! 

Because let me tell you something. Let me give you a little inside tip. When you start pointing out the flaws of others, it’s so you can avoid pointing out the flaws in yourself. I know that because that was me. 

Maybe I wasn’t doing it on Facebook or other social media outlets, but I was doing it in my marriage. I would tell you everything that was wrong with my ex husband. I would tell you everything that he did. And you would agree with me most of the time, but the truth is, I did that because I didn’t want you to see how messed up I was. I didn’t want you to be able to point out my flaws. 

My shortcomings. 

So when you find yourself thinking you’re better than. When you find yourself pointing out the flaws of everyone else. Maybe it’s time you to go to Him and talk to Him about your own flaws. 

Because I’ve said it a thousand times, hurting people hurt people. 

So maybe it’s not that women suck, so much, but maybe it’s that there are a lot of us that are hurting. And maybe, just maybe, we’re the ones hurting ourselves. 

And if that’s true, then I guess we do kind of suck, huh?

2 Replies to ““Why Women Suck””

  1. Not a rant…looks like truth to me. But not the statement that “woman suck,”rather the reality, that I think you hit right on the head, was your observation that people (Men and women…men just express it more overtly) who are suffering themselves, or who are in someway hurting inside, often express themselves in the way you described. We all have a story…and we can either allow the story to control us or we can surrender our story to Christ and recognize that grace is a better way to live. Easy to say…hard to do at times. Thank you for your honesty.

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