Hosea-Week Fourteen

This week’s reading Hosea 13Acts 4:11-121 Corinthians 15:54-56

Okay, is anyone else reading this and thinking ‘Seriously, Israel? Like you still don’t get it?!’

Yeah, me too. 

Or at least I was, until I realized that even on my good days, I still don’t get it. 

Oh, me and Israel have so much in common. More than I’d really care to admit. What about you? 

Yeah, I thought so.

I’m going to share something that I’m not proud of. Something that makes my skin crawl when I even think about it, but it’s something that I think He wants me to share. 

To acknowledge.

Sometimes being a Christian is one of the easiest ‘get out of jail free’ cards there is. 

At least for me.

I can screw up without really having to think about the consequences. Because, well, I’m forgiven. 

If things get tough, I can beg Him to make it better. 

Even if those tough things are my choice. 

Or when life is going good and I don’t think I need Him at all. 

That’s not what this is all about. He doesn’t want that. He wants us. 

He wants the whole package. 

Recently, I started dating someone new. You guys, he’s amazing. He is everything that I could have ever wanted. 

And he’s even things I had no idea I wanted.

See, nothing else felt right before. Oh, I had met some really nice guys. And I desperately wanted things to workout, but they never did. 

Why was that? 

Because they weren’t the whole package. 

If we really want to have a relationship with God. And I mean an actual relationship, not just a ‘get out of jail free’ card. Not just someone to bail us out when we get into trouble. Not just someone we put away when things are going good. But an actual, whole kind of package, relationship with God, we have to include Him in everything. 

We already talked about how much He loves us. We already see that He will never stop pursuing us. Even if it doesn’t make sense, even if we can’t understand it, we can accept it. 

So then it’s our turn. We make the decision to have that relationship. We see how silly Israel looks. We’ve rolled our eyes over and over at the mistakes they keep making, pretending that we would know better, but do we? 

Because I’d like to think that I wouldn’t make the same mistakes as Israel, but given my track record, I’d say we’re pretty much neck and neck. 

But the difference? I get to read about it. I get to see it. God has given me a glimpse into what I need to do to not make the same kinds of mistakes. 

I get His word. 

So now I’m going to give Him this relationship. 

Not because I have to. Because it doesn’t matter what I do. God is God. And He will love me in spite of. But I’m doing it because of that. Because He loves me in spite of. And when you realize just how much He loves you. You can’t help, but to want to love Him back. 

You know, and (try to) be the whole package. 

Lord, I already know I’m going to mess up. There are going to be days when I think I don’t need you. And there are going to be days when I desperately call out your name when I’ve screwed something up. But my prayer to you today, is that those days are few and far between. Help me to be the whole package, Lord. Remind me that I need you. Every hour I need you. In your name, Amen.

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