Hosea- Week Thirteen

This week’s reading Hosea 12Psalm 135:13Isaiah 63:11-14

“Do you ever feel like you’ve drifted too far from God to ever come back?”

I’ve been there. 

Oh, how I have been there. 

I would like for you to believe that the woman you think I am, the woman behind these words who is always (at least always trying to) encouraging you to be better. Encouraging you to keep pushing through. The woman who is telling you just how much God loves you. The woman who is forgiving and graceful and humble and who just wants to be used by Him to show you who He really is. I wish I had always been this woman. 

But I haven’t.

The reason I can say these things to you. The reason I can let Him use me. The reason I can love you unconditionally the way He loves me, is because I have been lost. I have drifted. And I have needed my own kind of rescuing. 

I have done some very shameful things in my day. Things I will never admit. Thankfully, we talked about them and we don’t have to talk about them again because He has forgiven me. 

But I have done some things that I’m not sure I would have forgiven. 

But that’s the enemy. That’s the enemy trying to convince us that there’s no way He can actually forgive us. That what we have done is the worst. 

And we believe him. 

Because that’s how our minds work. We cannot fathom how He can love us unconditionally. We just can’t. Even those of us who think they get it, can’t. Because that’s not how we work. 

When someone hurts us, we want to hurt them back. When someone lies to us, we want to stop talking to them. We cannot imagine that we would have a relationship with someone if they kept hurting us and betraying us. 

‘Enough is enough,’ we would say. 

But not Him. (Can I get an ‘Amen’!) 

Thank gosh, not Him.

He doesn’t care how far we’ve strayed. He doesn’t care how dark our secrets are. He doesn’t care how ashamed we are. There is absolutely NOTHING that we could do to ever make Him stop loving us.

No matter how lost we are. No matter how much of a lost cause we are.

See, the focus isn’t on us. It’s not on our sin. Or on our brokenness. It was never about us. Again, that’s the enemy. He wants us to think it’s about us. But it isn’t. 

It’s about Him. It has always been about Him. 

So do me a favor. Go back through Hosea this week. Read what we’ve read so far, but this time, focus on Him. His part in the story. It’s easy to relate to the ‘bad guys’. Trust me, I get it. But look at what He’s doing in this story. 

Because when you see just how much He loves you, you’ll never feel lost again. 

Lord, thank you. Thank you for loving us. Thank you that there is nothing we could ever do to make you change your mind. Lord, may we realize just what it means to be loved by you. 

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