I Prayed for You

I prayed for you. 

Almost every night, I prayed for you.

When I couldn’t remember to pray for myself. I prayed for you. 

The truth is, I never thought He was listening. 

Like, ever. 

I was tired of the disappointment. And I didn’t think you’d ever come. I was convinced you wouldn’t. I didn’t even believe that guys like you existed. Because the thing is, I kept looking. I looked everywhere. And you were never there. 

Oh, I found everything, but. Everything, but. 

But I still prayed for you. 

I would sit and imagine what our life would look like. The things you’d say. The way you’d make me feel. I never knew it would be this good. I never knew that it would be better than what we had talked about in those quiet moments just between the two of us. 

Turns out, He was listening. And He knew better. 

It was hard not to get lost in my own imagination. Because I prayed for you for so long. 

And I could have sworn that I had found you before. I convinced myself I had. I think I was so desperate to meet you that I found you wherever I could. 

But it was never you. 

So I just kept praying. 

Every time I got hurt. I prayed for you. Every time I felt alone. I prayed for you. Every time a boy made me cry. I prayed for you. Every time I found myself on the other side of a bad decision. I prayed for you. 

And it wasn’t that He wasn’t listening. Oh, He was. The thing was, I was so determined to find you, but I had to find myself first. 

So I did. 

And when I least expected it, there you were. When I had stopped looking for you, there you were. When I had given it to Him, completely, there you were. Right in front of me. 

And it was like you had been there the whole time. 

Because I prayed for you. 

3 Replies to “I Prayed for You”

  1. Lauren, sometimes I think you’ve jumped inside my brain. I was certain the one ‘I had prayed for’ was in my world. Yet, I’m in 2017, and it ain’t looken’ that way right now. But, I’m reminded that ALL HIS PROMISES are ‘yes and Amen’. It’s too bad you can’t read the 22 legal sized sheets of paper I’ve written for the past 10 days.

    1. You have no idea how much I love this. I will be praying for you, sweet friend. And to be honest, I would have gone through so much more if I had known this is what He had in mind. He is so good! Just wait. He’s going to blow your mind.

      1. haha ~ yes, I know. A) I think it’s funny exposing this on a blog, b) this journey with D has been God inspired and led, and now – I wait. As D is in REEETREAT,,, yet – I continue to pray – #beautyfromashes – #brokentogether beats #brokenalone
        Praying until the Lord completely tells me – no more. soo odd!

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