Your Turn.

Okay ladies. Let’s talk hair for just a minute. 

Confession. I used to have awful hair. I suffered from dandruff and dry scalp my whole life. I wouldn’t wear black. I couldn’t use any of the good smelling shampoos. Only dandruff shampoo. And I remember being so jealous of my friends who’s hair smelled so yummy and amazing. 

So when I was first introduced to Beautycounter I just assumed I would never be able to use their shampoo. I mean, we are talking 30 years of NEVER being able to use any other shampoo besides dandruff. But I tried it anyways. Mainly so I could tell my clients what it was like. Instantly my dandruff and dry scalp went away. I was still skeptical. Surely it would come back. 

But y’all, it’s been almost 3 years and still no dandruff.

Not to mention, I have the best hair of my life, but I’m sure many of you have had to switch from your favorite shampoo after a few months because your hair gets use to it. You get that buildup. And so you switch back and forth every few months. Not me. Almost 3 years and I’ve had no issue with buildup. 

My hair is healthy, shiny, flake free, and full of body and volume. 

Oh, and did I mention a bottle of shampoo easily lasts me about 9 months? 

Interested yet? Shop here.

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