Bottom Line. 

What a year it’s been.

Lauren Falber

Oh, Houston. What am I going to do with you? It’s no surprise just how much I don’t care for my current place of residence.

I guess there’s nothing wrong with Houston, the city, but it will never be my home. In fact, I still haven’t accepted that we are staying. For years, I’ve just felt like we’ve been on vacation, but as I left my home today to make the 18 hour trip back, I realized it’s nothing like vacation.

Yes, God has shared with me why we had to leave. He has been very clear with me on why we’re there, but just like any other impatient child I am constantly asking ‘can we go now?’

As I sat with my best friend the other day and shared just how much God had done for me in the last 2+ years she asked why it had taken so…

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