Charcoal Mask etc. 

My Beautycounter package came today! Got back from teaching, washed my makeup off, and now I’m masking. I can’t smile or I’ll crack! 

“I started using the charcoal mask a few weeks ago. I have used it 2-3 times each week and couldn’t be more pleased. I have this deep acne scar on my nose. Been there forever, but now it is totally MUCH smaller. And so are the rest of the pores on my nose. Not to mention it feels invigorating just wearing the mask! When I’m done I always follow up with the face collection plus the balancing oil. So incredibly luxurious!!! And it’s just like having a spa day, at home. 

And you know the healing of a tattoo is crucial. The what seems like endless application of ointment and then one day you get to use lotion. The hydrate lotion has been my best friend. I swear it hasn’t itched nearly as bad as any of the others I’ve had. Those I would scratch in my sleep, but not his time!!! Love not worrying about if the ingredients are going to have a reaction to the ink either. And any day I can have less of a hassle I’ll take it! I have never been so consistently satisfied with all of the products I’ve gotten.”

Deirdre M., Wilmington, NC

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