Hosea-Week One

This week’s reading: Hosea 1:1-11; Titus 3:4-7

This past week has been so uncomfortable for me. The conversations. The convictions.

I am exhausted.

I have to be honest with you all for a minute, as I read through these verses I thought about stopping. I didn’t really want to hear anymore. Because the truth is, this story is a familiar one.

I am Gomer.

No, I’m not a prostitute, but I am constantly seeking love in all the wrong places. I am constantly seeking fulfillment everywhere else, but with Him.

And if I can be real with you, you probably are too.

It’s easy for us to think that if we just had ‘this’ or we just had ‘that’ then we would be happy. Life would be good. We would have it all, but we know it’s not true, and yet, just like Gomer, we can’t stop seeking.

But, the thing is, we don’t have to keep seeking. We know where our fulfillment is. We know who will complete us. We know who loves us unconditionally.

Even if loving Him in return is the last thing on our minds.

He loves us in spite of our brokenness. He loves us in spite of how many times we have turned away from Him. He loves us not because we love Him, but just because He does.

Why can’t we grasp that? I don’t know about you, but it’s everything I’ve been looking for. To have someone love me for me. To have someone so desperate for a relationship with me. To have someone who thinks I’m enough just the way I am.

And yet, I still wander.

But despite our wandering He is still faithful.

And as I continued to read those verses and I stopped worrying about being exposed for who I really was, I saw it.

This story about Hosea and Gomer wasn’t written to make me feel bad. It wasn’t written to point out our brokenness.

It was written to remind us that we are so loved.

We don’t need to look anywhere else. We don’t need to keep wandering. Because He is faithful. And we are loved.

Thank you Lord for the reminder that we are loved. Thank you that despite our brokenness and despite our shortcomings you still love us. And thank you for always making sure that we know just how loved we are. Lord, as we begin to study this book together, I pray that anyone who doesn’t feel your love will begin to. I pray that you will open our hearts and our minds so that for those of us who doubt, we will begin to know the truth that is you. Lord, I pray this in your name and for your glory. Amen. 

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