Anywhere Else

And just like that, God will pursue you in the weirdest of ways. It’s not always pretty either. 

Not the way you think it would be. 

Sometimes you just find yourself laying on your bed, sobbing because you just don’t understand. 

Sometimes you wish you weren’t being pursued because it’s nothing that you really want. 

Sometimes, being pursued by God can feel like the worst thing in the world, but once He gets you, and trust me, He gets you, every single time, you realize just how beautiful it actually is. 

No matter how much you don’t want to be gotten. No matter how many times you run. There He is. 

Every single time. Waiting patiently to bring you back to Him. 

He doesn’t care if you’re sobbing. Or kicking. Or dragging your feet. 

He doesn’t care how long you’ve been away. Or how far away you were. 

He’s there. 

And when you can stop crying long enough to see Him, you realize just how much you wanted Him to come and get you. 

How much you wanted to be pursued. 

Because when you see how much He wants you, you realize just how lonely you’ve been.  

And so you stop crying and you stop fighting. And you stop looking everywhere else. And you just go. 

Because you can’t imagine being anywhere else. 

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