Good Times Key West

Okay y’all, we all know that I love to travel and that God has given me the opportunity to do a little bit of traveling with the kids these last couple of months. And the truth is, I love every destination. I can find beauty in everything that we do because it has been such a blessing, but I don’t always blog about it, it’s just not my thing, but I have to tell you about Good Times Key West.

Because it is that good.

Recently, me and the kids went down to Key West for vacation. If you haven’t been, you need to go. It’s gorgeous. It’s fun. And did I mention that it’s gorgeous?!

I have never been a huge fan of oceans or gulfs. Blame it on my obsession with The Little Mermaid, but I know what lives down there and I’m good.

Trust me, I’m good.

But even though we had access to a few pools during our stay, I couldn’t help but be drawn to the crystal clear water down there. Seriously, it was so gorgeous.

It may have even been the highlight of my trip, thanks to Good Times Key West.

(And yes, I’m even including that time where we ate true Key Lime Pie and it was to-die-for.)

On a Sunday afternoon, I found myself and the kids on a boat with Good Times Key West and it was amazing. The weather was perfect. The water was perfect. And it was the perfect day to be on a boat.

First, we found ourselves out at the sandbar. Now when I think sandbar, I think of walking from the shore out to the middle of the water, where the tide is low, nope! Not in Key West. Captain Justin Ferrell of Good Times Key West took us out in the middle of the ocean where the water was crystal clear and came just to my waist.

Seriously, it was so cool to just pull up and hop off the boat to swim, relax, have lunch and let the kids swim around. We saw fish and Starfish. And it was lovely.

And this is coming from the girl who only puts her feet in!

Captain Justin was amazing. He was knowledgeable. He was patient. He was friendly. And he made it easy for us to step outside of our comfort zone.

A few hours later, he took us out a little further at the request of my 6 year old to do a little snorkeling.

Here’s the thing about my 6 year old. He wants to be brave. He wants to try new things, but just like his mama he hesitates. He gets scared and he lets the fear overtake him sometimes.

He must have sat on the edge of that boat for 15 minutes trying to convince himself to take the leap. And Captain Justin was so patient.

Finally, Jaxsyn went for it.

Y’all the look on his face after he did. So worth the wait!

Captain Justin took him around, looking at fish, finding the perfect spot.

And as a mother, I’m not going to lie, I was a little nervous about my 6 year old being in the middle of the ocean, but I trusted Captain Justin. And that’s saying something.

Next, Captain Justin took us on a tour through the Mangrove Islands. Y’all, his navigation skills were on point! He pointed out the different wildlife and even gave the kids an educated presentation of sorts. I was impressed. And even I learned something.

Per request of Jaxsyn we also did a little fishing. Didn’t catch anything, but Jaxsyn was so happy.

As we rode back, Captain Justin was able to point out different landmarks and Key West attractions. Like the MTV Real World House, a personal favorite of mine. ;)

We must have spent 5-6 hours on that boat and I wouldn’t have known. It was so comfortable. Captain Justin made it the perfect ride. Even when the kids wanted to go fast.

I never would have been able to do this with my kids on my own. I have said since I became a single mother that making memories with my kids is my top priority. I want my kids to look back and remember fun things. Good things. Not the fighting, the divorce, the move. I want good memories. And that’s exactly what Good Times Key West and Captain Justin Ferrell did for us.

If you are ever in the Key West area and are looking for something fun and exciting to do, check out Good Times Key West. No matter your age, your family, your sense of adventure, I promise you, you will have an amazing time! And you seriously couldn’t ask for a better captain!

Can’t wait to go back in October!

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