No Hard Feelings

I knew this day would happen. I even told you it would. I never knew when, but I knew it would. 

We both did.

Please don’t take that the wrong way. I still love you. I think I always will, but it’s different now. 

I told you I would fight for this marriage until one day I just wouldn’t anymore. 

Today’s that day. 

I just know that it’s over. No, I’m not doubting God and His ability to restore, but what I am saying is that I don’t want what we had anymore. 

I haven’t seen you in 6 weeks. Well, unless you count the few hours we spent together on our anniversary and the time I saw you as you packed up a few of your things. I don’t know if you did that to help me get to this point. Maybe you did. You know how stubborn I can be. 

Whatever the reason, that’s all it took. Well, that and Him. He’s made this easier than I thought it would be. 

It makes me sad to see 10 years turn into nothing. And the truth is I always thought we’d be the ones to make it, but I was holding onto a fantasy. I was holding onto the good stuff, not the reality. And the reality is I don’t think we’ve been in love with each other for a long time.

Oh, we tried. I know we tried. I know you tried, but you just get to this point where it just wasn’t enough. 

I think you got there first. 

It’s okay though. I have finally found the peace I have been looking for.  I hope you have too. 

I’m praying you have. 

Know that I don’t regret a single second. I hope you won’t either. But I think this is what’s best for us. For all of us. I feel confident you will agree. 

It’s just a different story. And the ending is just the ending. Doesn’t take away from what we had. Not in my book, anyway. 

So take care of yourself and no hard feelings, okay? 


One Reply to “No Hard Feelings”

  1. Aww sweetheart, i’m so sorry. As a woman who is married, i know how incredibly difficult it can be to make things work even with the mindset of virtue and self discipline. It’s tremendously hard to overcome all the inner demons we have and i understand completely your sentiments. Sending you hugs over the internet.

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