I want each of you reading this right now to know just how grateful I am for you and for your prayers and for your kind words. 

In a time where I have felt so unloved by the one person who I thought would love me forever, I am overwhelmed by your love. And can feel it all the way over here. 

I know the enemy wants me to isolate myself. I know he wants me to sit here and think about the hurt and the pain and the utter exhaustion, but instead I’m reading all the nice things you have said to me. 

And I can’t help but read them and think about Him instead.

The truth is, I have never felt so loved. It is your words of encouragement that have reminded me that God is happy with me. That I can finally rest. And that I have done all that I can do. 

Know that He has used each one of you to have our own conversation. He has given me a peace that surpasses all understanding. And I can honestly tell you, that at this moment, even when it doesn’t make sense, I am happy. 

I am genuinely happy.

I will always love my husband and part of me is still praying for a miracle, but you guys have reminded me, through your words, exactly who I am and I know that with God on my side not only will I get through this, but I will triumph. 

So really, you’re the encouraging one(s). 

In His love,



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