‘Selling Something’

I’m sure people probably look at what I do and think ‘Oh, look she’s just selling something else’, but that’s not really fair.

Yes, I am in sales. I probably like it more than I care to admit, but that’s not why I decided to do this.

The truth is I could have sold a ton of things. There’s no shortage in finding something to sell from home, right?

I do like part where I’m able to bring home a paycheck without really leaving my house. I do enjoy being able to contribute to my family’s finances. And you can bet I was proud when I was able to come up with the down payment on our new car all by myself.

Yeah, those things are great, but it’s so much more than that.

It’s the mission, the movement, the ability to effect change all the way to Washington.

It’s the activist in me. It’s being the example to my children. It’s the passion for educating others.

It’s fighting the fight.

It’s the determination to one day  know that  my children could shop at any store they wanted and they would not  have to worry about reading labels or being exposed to unnecessary toxins because it will all be safe.

There will be no more loop holes. There will be rules. We won’t let companies get away with doing whatever they want for a buck or two. There will be standards. There will be accountability.

Because it’s the business side too. The side that proves you can do the right things and still make an incredible living. It’s about people over profit.

It’s about knowing better and doing better.

See? I told you it was so much more than just ‘selling something’.


Are you passionate about living a healthy lifestyle? Do you care about what you eat? Do you pay attention to health & fitness? Then join me! Lock arms with me and nearly 10,000 other women and men and help share this mission. No huge investments. No inventory or auto shipping required. Become a part of a ground floor opportunity and help change the world we live in. Learn more, here.

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