Working From Home

God is so good, y’all!

Most of you know that we are a one car family. It’s not that we don’t want a second car, trust me I really do, but that staying home with our kids was super important to me and so you make sacrifices.

There are days when I absolutely hate it, but you do what you have to do. 

I have been with Beautycounter since February 2014. And it is no secret, I absolutely love what I do. 

I have had my fair share of discouragement. People have a hard time believing that something could be this good. Either I must be stupid for falling for one of these scams or pathetic because I honestly have nothing else going on in my small little world of staying home with the kids. 

I don’t buy either of those. I do what I do because I made the decision to do it. I know that I am apart of something much bigger than what most people see. I wasn’t duped. Or scammed. Nor do I dupe or scam others. 

No, I saw a ground floor opportunity with a mission and a statement that I could get behind 100%, fighting a fight that’s super important to me. 

Maybe my critics expected my ride to the top to happen quickly. Perhaps they were looking for my incredible success story. The kind you read about in books. 

But I believe you have to work for it. I didn’t become a part of a get-rich-quick-scheme. I started a business. 

But it’s okay because some people just don’t understand. They can’t. Nothing can be that good.

But it is. No gimmicks. No exaggerations. This is honestly one of the best choices I’ve ever made for myself. Hands down. 

My husband works crazy hours. Unpredictable hours. It’s hard to schedule anything and without a car I’m pretty much stuck here. But somehow, and this is where He comes in, I’ve done it. I’ve been doing it. 

July 1st, I prayed for a successful month. I prayed for promotions and sales. I prayed for momentum. I already saw how amazing this opportunity was. I wanted others to see too. I wanted the ones who doubted me or made me feel silly finally get it. 

And guess what? He delivered. 

Before July my highest sales month was $1200. Still, not to bad for someone who stays at home and has a hard time meeting new people. Last month? Over $2200 in sales. 

As I shared my story with some of the people who had told me I was ‘silly’ for being so passionate about what I do, that it was just a ‘waste’, it wasn’t really doing anything, ‘I mean, it isn’t like you bring home that much money’ I was able to let them know that I was able to bring home almost $1000 on my next paycheck. 

Never leaving the house I was able to make almost $1000. 

Now I may have played a small role in that, but really I owe it all to Him and to these incredible, life changing products. 

I thought about defending myself. Arguing my side, but then I realized thatpaycheck and those numbers, well, they already said what I needed to say. 

Beautycounter has given me the opportunity to become a part of something huge. From the business and income opportunity, to the social mission and getting safe products into the hands of everyone. 

Things like this just don’t happen everyday. 

I am so ready for August. I am ready to see what He has in store. I just know that whatever it is , it’s going to be good. It always is. 

But I am praying for a down payment for a car of my own! Wouldn’t mind if you prayed with me. :) 

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