Sunscreen Safety Tips

We all know that I am a BIG sun safety nerd. I never mess around with the sun. 

I am a firm believer  in taking several measures to protect yourself from the sun, i.e., hats, long sleeves, staying out of the sun during peak hours, reapply sunscreen often, etc.

I was appalled when I found out just how toxic most sunscreens were and how higher SPF didn’t really mean anything, except that we, as consumers, spent more money on them just because we thought we were being smarter, but once again, with the lack of regulations within this industry, we really can’t trust most companies.

At Beautycounter we’ve banned over 1,500 harmful chemicals and toxins from our products while creating them to perform just like any other high-end brand. We don’t believe in compromising. We are truly committed to safety and performance and with our 60 100% money back guarantee you can try our products risk free. 

Here are some great sunscreen safety tips for you this Summer. Shop Beautycounter’s Protect All Over, here. 

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