He Chose Me. 

He chose me. 

Think about that for a minute. Let it really sink in. I’ve been wrestling with this fact all weekend long. 

He chose me. 

Why?! Why would He do that? 

Even on the days when I’m really good, I still don’t deserve Him. I don’t deserve the kind of love and grace and forgiveness He gives me, but He chose me.

Even on the days when I’m doing my best to ignore, to hide, to do it my way, He’s still right there. He’s always right there. Patiently waiting. 

Because He chose me. 

This weekend was hard. I am embarrassed at the things I said to Him. I was so angry. I was done. I wanted to give up and run away. To what? I wasn’t sure, but I didn’t like His answers. I didn’t like the way He was doing things. 

But He chose me. 

That means I can’t really run. He’s always inside of me. I can’t really hide, I mean, He knows. The truth is He knows me better than I know myself. He knew this weekend was going to be hard on me. He knew I was going to be nervous. And He waited patiently for me to, well, to get over myself. To come back to Him. 

He didn’t fight me. He didn’t shake His fist at me. He just waited. He let me complain. He let me yell. And He just waited. 

Oh, and He loved me. 

He loved me when I didn’t want to be loved. He loved me when I would have done anything for Him to stop loving me just to prove that I was right. He let me make bad choices and He sat back. Like a Father, He watched me stumble. He picked me back up and watched me do it again. Over and over and over. 

He sees me the way I should be seen. Some days I hate how vulnerable I am, but He chose me. 

In His eyes I am all the things I struggle to be to everyone else. Including myself.

I am funny. Beautiful. Loving. I am honest. Forgiving. Joyous. I am delicate. Soft. Proper. But in reality, I don’t know that I am ever these things. I am my own worst critic. 

But despite my brokenness. Despite all the missing pieces. Despite my pathetic attempt at keeping up appearences, He chose me. 

I still struggle to see what He sees. I have to remind myself to look the way He looks. Because He saw something in me. Even before I was born He saw something. Something that was worth sending His only son to die for me so that we could have a relationship. So I could be His daughter. 

I don’t know why. I don’t know what He saw. But all I know is that I am His. And He is mine. 

Because He chose me. 

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