We Deserve Better.

If you have been curious about the income opportunity with Beautycounter and how it’s possible that women (and men!) just like you are earning $500, $5000 and $50,000+ a month by sharing our mission, join me tonight at 6 pm CST– Email me for the dial in info! (Lefalber@gmail.com)
What do you have to lose but maybe some debt or some items knocked off of your to do list (like a maid, savings, etc!)?

We also have some HUGE news coming in April starting today and you do want to be on board to reap the benefits!
I am looking to help women (and men!) just like you grow a successful business with full time income and part time hours. The first 4 new consultants who join my team in April who start off with $200 in sales will earn a special ‘Welcome’ gift from me in addition to the $50 product credit that Beautycounter will give you!

Dial in tonight. Find out if this is something you could do. Help me spread the mission so that someday OUR children won’t have to scrutinize their cosmetics and personal care product purchases to make sure that they aren’t taking home ingredients linked to cancer or infertility or hormonal disruption.

Our company has TRIPLED since last May! TRIPLED in volume! It’s only April 1st!

We aren’t just another ‘direct sales’ brand. We are on a mission and we are not stopping until we force change in this stale industry that has protected big business and not the consumer for 77 years!

Stand with me and help us get safe products into the hands of everyone.

We deserve better.

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