Something For Everyone!

I really want to encourage you all to take advantage of Beautycounter’s latest offer, spend $100 + (before taxes) and get a FREE Hydrate Everyday Body Lotion AND FREE shipping!The Hydrate body lotion is one of my favorite, favorite, favorite products! And I think you should have your own!

Expectant Mom
Perfect for the Mom-to-be! Know any expectant moms or are you expecting? You’re going to want this!
Glow Sugar Scrub
Total: $112
My must-have’s for date night!
Lip Shine
Lip Sheer
Lip Balm
Total: $102
Take off the years
Looking to take off some years?
Countertime Soothing Face Wash
Uplifting Day Cream
Total: $110
With the Free Hydrate Lotion these are three of my must-have’s for Dry, Winter Skin!
Glow Sugar Scrub
Lustro Body Oil
Total: $106
For those experienced momma’s who could use a little pick-me-up!
Anytime Eye Cream
Total: $106
Ready to make the switch, but not sure where to start?
Gentle Exfoliator Polishing Cream
Everyday AM Hydrating Cream
Anytime Eye Cream
Total: $102
Had a long day? Still a few hours to go? Try these!
Anytime Eye cream
Glow Sugar Scrub
Total: $102
Body Purge
Looking to clean out the whole shower for the whole family? You’ll want to start here!
Wash Everyday Body Wash
Clean Everyday Shampoo
Rinse Everyday Conditioner
Shave Shaving Cream
Lip Balm
Total: $100
Stop the clock and start turning back time.
Lustro Face Oil
Countertime Enlightening Treatment Pads
Total: $104
Don’t forget this offer ends tomorrow! 11:59pm PST to be exact! You can order directly at

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