Let’s Get Wild!

You all know that I am a huge fan of making and creating. I love homemade and handmade everything. And for a little bit I even had my own little Etsy shop where I created lots of fun things, and while I still love making things, I’ve learned that I love supporting other ‘makers’ even more!

So when I found out that a good friend of mine had begun her own small business journey, I knew that I had fallen in love. Her creations were simple. There was no fluff needed. Each piece was handmade and you knew that each piece meant something to her. Everything was perfectly unique and one-of-a-kind.

Soon she found herself being featured in small shops around Jackson Hole, Wyoming in addition to her own Instagram Shop, Wild Production 307. It turned out that lots of people were enjoying her ‘Wild’ Productions. And so I knew that she would make a wonderful feature on the blog and I knew you would be grateful to finally meet ‘Wild Productions’.

From beanies for babies to boot cuffs and scarves, Wild Productions does it all and even if she doesn’t, she’s happy to do custom orders.

1. Why did you start Wild Productions?

When I first learned how to knit, I never imagined I’d come this far with it! Living in a small town word got out pretty quickly that a local gal made knitted goodies for affordable prices…that’s when my husband and I decided to put a name on all my hard work (he makes all my labels) Being able to stay home with my kids and still contribute financially (doing something I love and am good at!) is just the best dream come true! Something being sold with my label on it is like a reminder of what dedication can really achieve.

2. What’s your favorite thing to make?

Oh man, I love it all! I really enjoy being able to throw my creativity into the item as well, even if it’s as simple as button placement or helping decide color combos!

3. Why is it important to support local/small business?

I adore buying from local/small business, not only are you fulfilling someone else’s dream of being their own boss, but you can feel the love that went into each product. There’s so much heart and soul put into small businesses!

4. What advice would you give to someone who is looking to start their own business?

PATIENCE haha you need a lot of patience! Absolutely nothing will happen over night, just keep giving it your all and stay positive! It can be so discouraging not having your business take off right away, so dedication is key! Find what you love and give it your all!

And for all of my readers, you can get a little ‘wild’ by using code BLOG15 to receive 10% off your entire Wild Production order now thru 1/31/15 at 11:59pm MST.








fingerless gloves

Not on IG? Well, first you should be, second that’s okay because you can find Alex and her creations on Facebook too.

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