Top 10 Favorite Apps

I am obsessed with my iPhone and my iPad. I use them for absolutely everything. And so I’ve tried a lot of apps. And I have absolutely hated some and I have absolutely loved some, so here is my current top 10 must-have apps. What are some of your favorites?


So I know I’ve lived in Houston for almost 2 years but I still have no idea where things are. So this app is perfect for me because I can just go somewhere, open this app, and find everything that I need right where I am and with directions. No more searching, missing exits, having to turn around 3 times, and no more having to drive all the way across town just to go where I am familiar.

OpenTable (Download here.)

This app kind of ties in with AroundMe. Since I am not familiar with this area and since Houston is so big, this app is perfect for me because it helps me find restaurants and it makes it super simple for me to decide what I’m in the mood for and then it lets me create a reservation right from my phone without having to dial a number. It’s super convenient and makes impromptu date nights hassle free.

EWG’s Food Scores

I was so excited when the Environmental Working Group ( came out with this app. I am a huge fan of their Skin Deep app (I’ll be talking about that one next.) and I knew I wouldn’t be disappointed. If you’re like me you want to make the healthiest choices for your family and this app helps you do just that. I have it ready when I shop, I scan barcodes, and it pulls up a rating and I decide whether or not it’s worth it. Makes healthy living so much easier.

EWG’s Skin Deep

Before Beautycounter I had never even considered that my personal care products could be making me sick. And so when I learned the truth about this industry I knew I had to make better choices for me and my family. And then I met the Skin Deep app. I use Beautycounter for everything they offer, but there are a few things they don’t have yet, like deodorant and mascara, and so I use this app to help me make educated decisions in such an unregulated industry. Just like the Food Scores app, you scan barcodes and it pulls up a rating and allows you to see what the risks are and also gives you safer suggestions.


I’ve always wanted to learn how to paint water colors. My husband can do it, but not me and so this app is perfect for me! I love taking pictures and I can take my pictures and have them transformed into water colored paintings. I can print these pictures out and hang them up for a unique decoration.


I don’t know what I would do without this app. This app makes ordering my Instagram pictures easy breezy. There is no picking up, they mail your pictures to you. They’ve always been super quick and the quality is fantastic. They also have a few other items you can order. And they’ve recently made it even easier to order because now you can go directly to your IG account and select pictures directly from there. Available in different print sizes. This app is just awesome!

A Beautiful Mess

I’ve been a huge fan of this app for a couple years now. This sister duo has an awesome DIY blog with lots of creative and fun ideas and this app allows you to do lots of fun things with your pictures. Great filters, doodles, and texts, this app really gets the creative juices flowing.

Party Party

created by the same sisters who gave us the A Beautiful Mess app, this app is probably one of the coolest apps I’ve ever used. For those of you who love to take pictures, you need this app. Create moving stills to tell your unique story. This app also allows you to have a photo booth option and you can print your own photo booth pictures too!


So I have over 18,000 pictures and I needed a place to store them so I started using Dropbox. But sorting through 18,000 pictures was hard, thankfully they just launched this new app, Carousel, and it takes your Dropbox photos and puts them on an easy to access timeline. It opens up storage on your device and it allows you to have access to every single picture you’ve ever taken. It also allows you to share your photos easily. Love this app!


I spent most of 2014 trying to find the perfect calendar/organizer. I’ve always been a handwritten calendar kind of gal, but since everything I do is on my phone or iPad or computer I needed something I could access anywhere. And then I found Sunrise. I love this calendar! I can share things with my husband so he knows what’s going on in my schedule. I can access it from all 3 devices. It’s easy to read, easy to add events, and sends me reminders just in case I forget to check my calendar. I love how organized I am now! Watch out 2015!


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