Apricot Biscuits

I grew up on these biscuits my whole life. They are so good. We always had these on the holidays, but I would get so excited when my dad would make these for breakfast before school. (Actually, I got excited any time my dad would make these!)

You will need:
brown sugar
canned apricot halves
canned biscuits
First, add a spoonful or pad of butter into muffin pan
brown sugar
Then, add a spoonful of brown sugar on top of butter. Don’t skimp yourself, go a little heavy.
Next, place 1 apricot half on top of butter and brown sugar.
Finally, place canned biscuit on top and place in oven. Bake according to biscuits. Allow to cool for a few minutes before flipping pan onto plate, drizzle the juice on top of the biscuits and serve.
apricot biscuits


Photo Credit: Lauren Falber

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