All You Need Is Love

If I can be honest with you, I haven’t even begun my Christmas shopping yet. I’m usually the one who is very organized and I know exactly when and where I’ll be getting everything, but this year, I’m not sure that it’s really about the gifts. At least, I want it to be so much more than that.

If their is evil in this world, and we know there is because it’s everywhere. It’s always in our face. People do bad things. But if there is evil, then we also should know that there is good. There is so much good in this world. And if you don’t see the good, be the good.

I don’t think we realize just how much we can love. I remember when I first laid eyes on my sweet, baby boy. I was overcome with love. It was something I had never felt before, not like that. As I counted fingers and toes I knew that I would do anything for him, not because he had done anything for me, but because I was in love.

I tried for a long time to explain to my friends what it felt like, but I always fell short. No matter what words I used or the order they came out, they never really did justice. There was no way to actually tell someone what love felt like, they just had to experience it for themselves. And when my new mommy friends did experience it, they would call me and say ‘I get it now.’

But as I held Jaxsyn for the first time, I had no idea how it would be possible to love something else or someone else as much as I loved him. I struggled with this idea for a long time. It just didn’t make sense. Love was so overwhelming and it hurt and it was scary and this was just one person. I couldn’t be capable of having more love, there was just no way, but when I laid my eyes on my sweet daughter, and as I counted fingers and toes, and as I saw the resemblance between her and her brother, I knew it was possible because I loved that little girl so much.

Surely that was it though. Nope. As my love for Jesus grew, as I fell in love with Him more and more each day, I realized that I am love and I am capable of loving all, not only that, but I want to love them, every single one of them. That means you too.

People don’t always get to pay attention to the good stuff. Lives are busy. Things don’t always go our way. Life can be hard, and it’s so easy to forget the good, but it’s there and it’s worth remembering and so more than the presents under the tree, more than the looks on my children’s faces as the take in the first moments of Christmas morning, more than any of that, I want to be a reminder to people about the good. I want people to know what love is because God is love.

We love, because He first loved us. 1 John 4:19

My thought is this. If people know they are loved, even when they don’t deserve it (trust me, that’s me on most occasions), but if they knew they were and if they knew what that love actually felt like and meant then they would want to love and as cheesy as it sounds one person loving another, loving another, loving another, well, that’s gotta do something right? If we loved the way we were supposed to, if we loved who we were supposed to, yeah, I’m sure that there would still be evil, but could you imagine? Could you imagine living in a world where the good outshines the bad?

Well, I can.

Another lesson I’ve learned is that if you want something you can’t just watch from the sidelines, you gotta go get it. I want this. And so this Christmas, this season, I’m going to love you, each of you, and who knows, I know I’m just one person, but maybe someone I love will love someone else and they will love someone else and, well, you get the picture.

I guess Paul, Ringo, John, and George were right, because all you need is love.

Who’s with me?

One Reply to “All You Need Is Love”

  1. So good to hear your sweet voice yesterday. Jax is such a good jumper and we love the new bunk beds. Adelaide still looks so cute . I hope you all have a great Christmas

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