Ideas for your Advent Calendar

You’ll notice today that on the Advent calendar it says to Give Hope Away by picking an activity from the HopePointe list. I just wanted to give you guys some of the suggestions we came up with and if you have any other suggestions, please let me know!

Create a gift basket for Neighbors. Fill it with cards, cookies, stocking stuffers, and an invitation to your church’s Christmas Eve service.

Create gifts for teachers. A coffee mug filled with coffee and a kind note goes a long way!

Bake a plate of cookies and take to a fire station, police station, or post office workers.

Create treat bags with gift cards to give to service people (hair person, lawn service, mail carrier).

Visit a Care Facility or Nursing Home: bring Christmas books and offer to read with people, bake and deliver cookies, etc.

Donate gently worn clothes to the Pregnancy Assistance Center.

Create and send greeting cards to neighbors.

Create Care Packages for Sparrows at Redeemed Ministries (This ministry deals with Human Trafficking so maybe you can find a local ministry that does that same in your hometown.)

Invite someone with no family to spend Christmas with you.

Plan a Food Truck Neighborhood party. (Even if you can’t get a food truck, you can always grill hotdogs and hamburgers and invite the neighbors over.)

Host a Neighborhood Soup Night.

Help an elderly person decorate for Christmas.

Hand out candy canes with notes attached to everyone at the grocery store.

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