Let Him Be.

It’s been quiet lately.

I have been working on myself and who I am and what all that means. And it’s been quiet.

Sometimes, I wish there was a loud announcement when it comes to God. Like a ‘matter-of-fact’ moment where you just know.

I think I just had one of those moments.

Lately, I have been all consumed with prayer. Prayer for myself. Prayer for others. Prayers for forgiveness. Prayers to forgive. I’ve been praying all of the time because I know prayer works. I see it work every single day, and so I pray.

I pray for everything.

Somedays, I’m not sure what to pray for though. I sit awkwardly on my knees and I’m just clueless. So then I learned to pray specifically about what to pray for.

Earlier this morning, I prayed a familiar prayer. I asked God to bless my business. To help my paycheck grow so that I could finally live a life where I didn’t waste my time worrying.

Money always seems to be tight. There never seems to be enough.

I have faithfully prayed that same prayer for months. And even as He blesses my business and grows my paycheck, I still spend my time worrying.

So today, as I’m praying, He answered.

I have had this false idea that if my business succeeds, if my sales thrive, if I make X amount of money then I wouldn’t have to worry anymore.

I could finally live a worry-free life.

But then He reminded me that I can do that already. The success of my business doesn’t decide the abundance of my life. He does. Better yet, our relationship does.

I don’t have to worry, I choose to worry. I have put my faith into a dollar amount. I don’t know if you know this, but God is so much bigger than a dollar amount.

With God I could have everything I’ve ever wanted, but I can never make that commitment. While faith can be complex, this is pretty simple. I just have to trust God.

I just have to trust God.

I just have to trust God.

And so there I sat, convicted.

Instead of asking God to bless my business. Instead of asking God for larger paychecks. Instead of asking God for sales. All I needed to do was ask God to help me trust Him in everything. The rest would just fall into place.

Because if I trusted God the way He intended, well then, no amount of money would be enough or not enough. Because anything that God blessed me with would be enough for His plan and His glory and isn’t that what it’s all about anyways?

If God is at the top, above everything else, then wouldn’t anything that trickled down be sufficient enough? Isn’t He enough?

If God is in charge of our lives, if we choose to let Him be in charge of our lives, everything will find it’s place, you and I will find our place, and we will thrive.

And I don’t know about you, but I want to thrive.

Don’t you want to thrive?

He longs for us to forget everything else. He is enough. He is all we need. He does not give us strength, He IS the strength.

And so it doesn’t matter how big the paycheck is. It doesn’t matter how much we sell or how many hours we work. He is enough.

Nothing else matters.

So my prayer for you and for myself is that we let Him be enough. Let Him be whatever it is that we are looking for. Let Him be our wealth. Our love. Our forgiveness. Our strength.

Just remember, nothing else matters.

6 Replies to “Let Him Be.”

  1. I have been praying and praying for the same thing! I often have to remind myself to pray for peace instead of the things I think will bring peace (more money, non-traveling job for husband, my career path, etc). Trust is one of my biggest challenges because I can have a Type A personality in that I want to KNOW the answer so that I can just go ahead and DO it myself. But being a Christian is about letting God guide you and letting your life unfold according to the higher power of God’s Will. A good prayer for me is ” God, give me courage to change what I can, accept the things I cannot, and the wisdom to know the difference.” Once I stop worrying about the things I cannot control, I start to feel guided into doing the things I can.
    It is nice to know I am not alone in my struggle so keep the blogs coming!

  2. Sheree, you are such a blessing to me. Thank you so much for your insight and honesty. It is so hard for me too. All I know is thank goodness He is so patient with me! :) I’ll be praying for you!

  3. Sweet girl, you are precious to so many people. A lot of us are thanking God that you are In our life. Be comforted that our prayers surround you and will protect you and give you strength to conquer all that touches you . Love , grandma

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  4. I want to thank you again for your blog, your being real, and showing how being human fits into God’s Plan for us perfectly. So many Christians seem to think its a crime to have human feelings. We were made in His Image, He gave us our feelings. So as God has led my husband Jeffrey and I down the road of self employment, this same fear of the unknown has been my major nemesis.
    We have been working together in our soil consulting business since 1979. We have a beautiful home, 3 beautiful children, and health and family. But why do I sit before Him with the same fears that He isn’t going to take care of my future, when He has never failed me, and has always seen me through every storm in my life. He has in His Power the ability to calm every storm, and give me Peace & Rest. 34 years later I still have those days that bring me to my knees, & keep Him close by my side. I find new strength from Him every time I need Him.
    One thing that helps me to know the Truth is by listening to Christian music in my car, in my office, and sometimes when I lay down to sleep. K Love is my favorite station, because my sister Vera and I can be listening to the same song at the same time. We often text each other when one of our favorites comes on, like Steven Curtis Chapman’s, “His Plan Unfolding”.

    1. Yes, yes, yes! He has always provided. He has never been late. And He loves us! Enough said, right?!

      And I absolutely agree with you about Christian music. I listen to it all of the time too! I love that you and your sister can listen to the same song. Makes distance seem like nothing! Thank you for your sweet words. I am absolutely humbled and I just love how He is using me!

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