Why Does All This Matter?

A few quick facts:

1. There has not been a federal law governing the US personal care industry since 1938. Personal care products range from the shaving cream your husband uses, to the bubble bath you bathed your kids in last night, to the shampoo that makes your hair shiny and full of volume, to the hand cream you will use on your hands 10X’s per day this winter. No new regulations for 76 years! Think about how the world has changed in that time.

2. There are about 12,000 ingredients used in all personal care products, 80% of those have never been tested for safety on human health.

3. Our children’s generation is the first generation of people that will live sicker and die younger than the generation before. Our Children make up 30% population/market… but they make up 100% of our Future. Let’s work to change those statistics, together!

So you might be asking Why does all this matter?

Do you know anyone with cancer, infertility, autoimmune diseases, autism, ADD, asthma? Of course, we all do. Genetics hasn’t changed that much in the last 50 years, but the rates of these health concerns have skyrocketed, don’t you think? What has changed? The number of toxins in our environment.

Fact: 1 in 2 men and 1 in 3 women in the US will be diagnosed with cancer in their lives. How many of these diagnoses are related to exposure to chemicals and toxins in our everyday lives?

The average American puts 12-20 products on her body every single day. Our skin is our largest organ, absorbing over 60% of what you put on it. It’s not about one product or one chemical though. It’s the hundreds of chemicals that go on your skin day after day,

Beautycounter is about progress and changing the personal care product market. It’s Beautycounter’s mission to get safe products in the hands of everyone! Our founder and CEO, Gregg Renfrew is NOT looking to create a world where everyone uses Beautycounter. While that would be great, it isn’t realistic. We are looking to create a world in which, no matter what store you walk into and shop at– whether it is CVS or Nordstrom’s you will get full disclosure of ingredients– ALL of them!

Our ingredient screening process is unlike any other. After we eliminate over 1300 chemicals that are banned in Europe and the 11 chemicals banned in the US, we consult our Never List, which includes dozens of commonly used chemicals that are linked to health issues such as cancer, reproductive harm and cell damage. We will NEVER use any of these ingredients in our products.

There are 4 ways to be a part of Beautycounter…

1. As a Client: You can feel great about using safe, healthy, beautiful products. You can feel great about eliminating many common harmful chemical ingredients that go on your body each and every day. We offer a 30 day money back guarantee, so you get to try out products risk free.

2. As a Member: You are part of the change! You pay $25 to join, $10 of which is allocated to the trusted nonprofit of your choice, 1) EWG, 2) Breast Cancer Fund- which is the mother company to – the Campaign for safe cosmetics, or 3)Healthy Child, Healthy World. You get free shipping with every $100 order that you place… and for every $300 that you spend- You get a $25 Product voucher to use on any future order!! You will also enjoy special product perks and incentives for members only, for example, you can purchase a bunch of our “favorites” at a small discount!

3. You can Host a Social and earn free and half-priced products while sharing important information with your family and friends and helping them make small changes too. Every small step can make a big impact.

Or my favorite way-

4. As a Consultant, you join a team across the US sharing important information and affecting change in the industry toward safer, healthier products. There is a fantastic income opportunity surrounding these products. You can work your business around your family, job and other responsibilities – part time. So whether you work 4 hours a week or 20- you have the potential to make $400, $4,000 or even $20,00 per month. This is a ground floor opportunity (our company opened in March of 2013) and we are looking to teach and train people in your area.

I am reaching out to you asking you to join me and help make a difference. I am a firm believer that when you know better you do better. Let me help you do better.

For more information please visit my website http://www.laurenfalber.beautycounter.com and let me know if you have any questions.

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