Band of Beauty

It’s October. Everything is pink these days. It is said that everyone has been affected by breast cancer. Well, not me.

While you may read that and think that’s awesome, I’m not sure that it is.

I would have believed that this was great news a few years ago. There has been no family history of breast cancer for me. There have been lots and lots of healthy women in my life. And I’ve never known anyone who has been diagnosed.

But, that doesn’t change the statistics. Did you know that 1 in 8 women will be diagnosed with Breast Cancer. And only about 10% of those diagnosed will have a family history of the disease.

Breast Cancer Band of Beauty

Pretty frightening, huh?

The truth is I don’t need pink ribbons on everything to think about Breast Cancer. I think about it a lot. I think about the statistics. I think about my friends and my family. But what I didn’t think about, what I hadn’t thought about, was the idea that we could try to prevent this disease.

I had no idea just how much we were exposing ourselves to these horrible toxins. They are everywhere and they are in most everything. They are in places that leave you scratching your head asking ‘why?’.

I don’t share this to scare you. I know that it is impossible to live in a bubble, to be completely toxin free. But I share this with you because now I know better and because I believe that we deserve better.

So, let’s get back to the pink. I’m not sure that we need much more awareness when it comes to breast cancer. I think we are very much aware of this disease. What I want to see is more talk about prevention.

Let’s pay attention to the foods we eat and the products we use. From our laundry detergent to our bubble bath. Read labels. Familiarize yourself with the worst offenders. Show companies that you demand better by supporting companies who are doing better. Demand transparency. Put your foot down and say ‘enough is enough’. This is your life, after all.

Eventually, they will listen. If we get loud enough, they will listen.

Do your part. This month, Beautycounter, has decided to challenge you. If we, as a company, can get 1000 new ‘Band of Beauty’ members then we, Beautycounter, will donate $25,000 to the Breast Cancer Fund.

Together we can help ‘expose and eliminate the environmental causes of breast cancer and we can stop this disease before it starts’.

Want to do your part? Sign up as a ‘Band of Beauty’ member at $25 to sign up. No purchase required. Membership lasts for one year.

Earn great perks too! Like a special enrollment package that features some of our best sellers and an exclusive ‘Band of Beauty’ pouch, retails for $300, yours for just $225. Also, free shipping on orders over $100. And my favorite perk, for every $300 you spend, you earn $25 in product credit.

Band of Beauty

Tell your friends, tell your family. Not only can you help make a difference in the fight against breast cancer, but you can do your part to help make small changes in your home. Protect those that are most important to you. These are products that I can promise you will love using and love talking about.

Most importantly, these are products that WILL change your life and who knows, maybe even save it.

To shop the entire line of Beautycounter products, including our newly released color cosmetic line, please visit

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