This Should Make You Very Angry.

So it’s illegal to add lead to any beauty products or cosmetics, but the truth is that lead exists in our soil, so it can be found in products, even if those companies choose not to test for it.

And let’s be honest, why would they? It’s expensive and if they don’t have to, well, they won’t.

I won’t name any brands, but Beautycounter sent out 6 samples of other companies’ makeup to be tested for safety. These are products that have been marketed as ‘natural’, ‘organic’, and ‘healthy’.

One particular brand came back and our Head of Health and Safety called the lab because the results were so high that surely it was mistake and she wanted the lab to run the test again. Well, it wasn’t a mistake. The lab already ran it again because, they too, thought it was too high to be real.

That product had more lead than gasoline and paint.

This is makeup, you guys. The stuff that you or your wife, or your mother, or your sister, or your daughter are putting on your face!!

This is happening because there are no regulations in this industry. These companies just want your money. That’s it. You are nothing more than a dollar sign. Doesn’t this make you mad???

Shouldn’t you know 100% what you are putting on your skin?? Of course you should. It’s your skin. Did these companies ask you if you wanted to put lead and other harmful toxins and ingredients all over you? No? Hmm.

Tell me, do you want to use products that would increase your risk for cancer? What about using products that decreased your chance at having a baby? Or maybe you want to use products that can harm your children before they are even born? Wait, what? No. You don’t. I didn’t think so.

Well, I’m doing something about it. I’m fighting for all of us because enough is enough, already. And these companies can do better. They are CHOOSING not to. So why not show them that you can CHOOSE too. And you CHOOSE to do better because you and your loved ones deserve better.

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