At Home Spa

As a mom of two I know how hard it can be to indulge in myself.

My daughter refuses to let me shower in peace.

So I have become a master of the 5 minute shower, but somedays, I want more than just 5 minutes.

Somedays I just need to indulge.

I love the days when I can start with Beautycounter”s Glow Sugar Scrub.

Just a little bit can make my skin feel brand new! Not to mention it smells so good. Reminds me of a island getaway.

After I get out of the shower I make sure to air dry for a minute and then without being completely dried off I grab my Lustro Body Oil.

Available in 2 scents, Jasmine and Rosemary & Citrus, my skin is left soft with the perfect sheen. My skin looks and feels like Summer all year long.

Next, to wake my skin up and make it feel alive I like to dry brush. Gently rubbing this amazing brush up and down my arms, legs, back, and stomach.

The final touch? Hydrate body lotion. It polishes off my skin and leaves me looking like I just left the spa.

I look amazing. My skin feels amazing. And I never had to leave my home.

Want your own ‘at home spa’?

Shop directly at

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