Sample Daily Prayer of Affirmation

Oh man. So we all know that something has happened in my life. Something BIG. It’s only been a few weeks, and it is still so hard to face every single day.

There are days when I am so angry and hurt. And then there are days where I couldn’t be happier. I’ve never been through anything quite like this, but I know it’s changing my life. And it is getting me such an amazing testimony to share, eventually. ;)

But here’s the thing about going through all the crap, it’s brought me back to God. I have never known or felt His presence so much until now.

Seriously, I finally understand things. Things that I have struggled for years to understand. But it seems that now I know God is fully present in my life and I am not alone, now that I am slowly giving Him all of me, now things relate to me and I find that everything I read relates to me, personally. We might not be sitting down and having a conversation over coffee, but I can tell you that God is speaking to me through His word, His followers, even the unbelievers. He is here and He is very real.

Since my life changed just 3 weeks ago, God has provided so much to me, even the little things. And so this past week this prayer was brought to my attention. It was everything that I had wanted to say, but when praying, I tend to get lost, distracted, and I can’t seem to get the words to come out just right. It’s not eloquent, it’s messy.

And so I have been asking God for months to help me become a better ‘pray-er’. It just came so naturally to other people and I wanted what they had.

So then this prayer came into my life. It was perfect. It was everything Ive ever wanted to say and it was so appropriate for these past few weeks and I want to share it with you. Maybe it’s exactly what you’ve needed and asked for. Maybe this is Him talking to you, through me.

Dear Holy Father God,

This is the day that you have created. I choose to rejoice and be glad in it. There may be challenges, but I choose to believe that You are always working in my life for my benefit.

Thank you for opening the way for me to be in oneness with You through the death of Jesus on the cross, His burial in the tomb and His resurrection on the third day. I commit my life to You this day and submit myself to the Lordship of Jesus and the blood of His redemption power.

Thank you that Jesus is in You and that You are in Jesus and that Your Spirit dwells in me. Thank you that when You look upon me, You only see righteousness, worthiness, holiness, and purity, because Jesus cancelled all my guilt and shame on the cross.

Thank you that You created me to be who You want me to be and that I am Your child and beautiful in Your sight. Today I choose to see myself as You see me, to believe in myself as You believe in me and to love myself as You love me. Thank you that the resurrection power of Your presence is living in me.

I receive everything You desire for me this day.

Father, I bind my will to Your will, obligating it to Your plans and purposes for me. I bind my mind to the mind of Jesus, so I can hear Your thoughts in my thoughts. I bind my emotions to the healing balance and comfort of Your Holy Spirt.

I lose, smash, crush, and destroy all the wrong beliefs, wrong attitudes, excuses, deception, and denial that my soul has been holding on to. I lose the effects and influences and wrong words spoken about me or to me, and I lose the works of the enemy from me.

Today, Father God, Your will be done on earth as it is in Heaven. Amen.

I just encourage you to say this prayer every day for 30 days. I keep a copy in my bible beside my bed so I can say it before my feet even hit the floor, so I can start the day right.

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