We Just Have to Ask

You know where it says to ask God for things and He will provide, yeah, I love that. I love that we are encouraged to ask for God to bless us, but I’m not sure that I totally get ‘it’.

Don’t get me wrong, I want to get it, but for some reason I always think that I have to do something for God in order for Him to do something for me. Always. But that’s not the case, and so I’m writing this, today, so I can remind myself of how it really works, because somewhere down the road, I’ve gotten it all messed up.

God provides.

God loves.

God is.

It is those three sentences that I need to be reminded of.

He provides to all of us. To everyone. Anything. He loves us. Me. You. All of the time. And He is everything. Whatever He wants to be. All.

So then why can’t I just ask Him for things? Because I truly believe that while He will provide always, I think that if we ask Him He will do it sooner. You see, I believe our God is much of an attention hog. He loves being in the spotlight and so when we talk about Him and we witness the things He does, He does them in grand gesture. He gets our attention and even the attention of those who had no intention to pay attention. (Did you get all that?)

Am I talking magic? No. I’m talking answered prayers. I’m talking about having a relationship with our Father.

Since becoming a parent almost 5 years ago, I really have a better grasp on the relationship we can have with God. While it’s special, it isn’t something that we don’t understand. It’s a very simple relationship, much like the other relationships we are in. Because God is my Father, why should we not have a relationship like that? I asked my dad for things. I asked my dad for help. I asked my dad for support, so why wouldn’t I ask my Father?

Like my dad, He wants the best for me. He wants me to succeed. He wants to support me. But also, like my dad, He respected my boundaries. He was there without having to be ‘there’. While I have no doubt that my dad loves me even when I’m not around, if he didn’t know I needed something specifically, if I didn’t let him know, he wouldn’t know, therefore, he wouldn’t be able to give me what I was looking for, i.e. love, support, money to go to the movies. (Does that make sense?)

So while I know that God knows everything, I still can’t help but think He loves it when we reach out to Him. And so while He knows what’s going on and He could do whatever He wanted in any situation, He wants what every father wants, an open relationship with His children.

So ask. Reach out. Talk. Love. Include.

Let Him show off. Let Him help. Let Him listen. Let Him be dad.

Let’s stop thinking that we could ever do anything that would result in any kind of answered prayer or blessing. To be honest, there is nothing I or any of us could do to even come close. God knows that. That’s why He sent His only son to die for us. We just couldn’t measure up, but that’s okay. He took care of that. Now we just have to ask. He took care of the rest.

We just have to ask.

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