9 Summer Must-haves!


1. Protect All Over and Face Sunscreens.This mineral-based formula works for you and your kids. They’re lightweight, packed with powerful antioxidents, and absorb quickly and evenly into skin leaving no streaks behind–we think it’s the best sunscreen under the sun.

2. Kidscounter Squeaky Clean Body Wash. Our gentle, safe body wash conditions little ones skin without over-drying, so it’s perfect for your child’s daily bath time routine.

3. Petal and Coral Lip Sheers. The prettiest way to welcome summer is with a pop of color on lips or cheeks.

4. Glow Sugar Scrub. Use in the shower for all over beach-ready skin.

5. Lustro Body Oil in Rosemary & Citrus. For skirt and shorts weather, Lustro Body Oil imparts a beautiful sheen to your legs.

6. Lustro Face Oil 1 Calendula. Calendula is known to soothe bug bites and sunburn.
Lustro Face Oil 2 Jasmine. Can be applied to skin as a highlighter.

7. Rosewater Uplifting Spray. A quick spritz is the remedy for sticky, hot days. Pro-Tip: Keep Rosewater Uplifting Spray in the fridge or cooler for a refreshing pick-me-up.

8. Lip Conditioner Peppermint Balm. Soothes and cools when your lips are vulnerable to the elements.

9. Kidscounter Not a Knot Conditioner. Super-emollient salflower oil and fatty-acid-rich broccoli seed oil makes this an ideal post-beach detangler for everyone in your family.

Head on over and get your Summer Must-have’s at my Beautycounter Website!

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