Pulled Pork, a Personal Fave!

Since we are talking about Crock Pot recipes let me share my most favorite recipe! It’s so easy and so delicious!

Pulled Pork

I use 1-2lb pork. I usually get what’s on sale, i.e. Shoulder, Loin, Roast. You put that baby in the Crock Pot, add 1 can of Root Beer, 2 if your pork is big! And set for 8 hours on low. After it’s cooked I drain the root beer, leaving just a little in the Crock Pot. I shred the pork, and then you add 1 bottle of your choice BBQ sauce. Again, if your pork is large add more. And that’s it. Grab a pack of hamburger buns, and you’ve got BBQ sandwiches!

This recipe is so easy and you can make it your own by adding or taking away! Play around with it and enjoy!

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