Friday Favorites: Crock Pot Edition

I absolutely hate being in a kitchen. I don’t like to cook at all. I find it boring. And by the time I’m done cooking I don’t even want to eat. So this is why I am in love with my Crock Pot. For someone who hates the kitchen as much as I do there is nothing better than doing a little chopping and slicing, throwing it in the crock pot, setting the cook time, and then eating the most delicious meal ever 8 or 10 hours later.

There is little work required from you, the entire house smells amazing, and you get all of the credit! Seriously, what more could you ask for y’all?!

So please, leave me some of your favorite crock pot recipes! What’s your ‘go-to’ when you can’t think of what to have for dinner? I’m excited to get some new ideas!


4 Replies to “Friday Favorites: Crock Pot Edition”

  1. I recently got a Crock Pot too. It’s a lovely thing and I will get even more use out of it when I start working. I love the idea of coming home to a cooked meal. I’m still a novice when it comes to recipes though.

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