You’re Their Distraction.

Oh boy.

Something happened last night. I’m not the type to stop what I’m doing and stop praying (unless someone has requested it), but I did just that. I stopped what I was doing and I started praying.

So often I hear people talking about the Holy Spirit. They describe the Holy Spirit moving into their body and giving them whatever they feel like they are lacking at that point. I’ve never really felt the Holy Spirit. I mean, maybe I have, but it was never as distinct as everyone else’s experience.

In fact, most of my Christian life has never been very flashy. Sometimes it upsets me because I want to have those stories to share, but that’s not the way it is, but something happened last night, and it was pretty darn close to flashy.

I am a member of a Crunchy Mom group here in Houston on Facebook. I don’t really know these women in the group, but if I need answers to crunchy mom topics I have someone to talk to. I don’t know why I was surprised by what took place last night on a post, but I was.

The question:

“Question: What all religions do we have in this group? Christian, Wiccan, pagan, agnostic, Buddhist, atheist, etc? I’m just curious. I’m pagan/agnostic myself(used to be Christian). Seriously, just asking out of curiosity. Plus, it would be nice to get to know some other like-minded mamas who are also crunchy”

Well, immediately I answered as did lots and lots of other women. Once I got done typing my answer, I scrolled through what everyone had to say. My heart sank.

There were lots of “used to believe in God, but…” and when they saw my answer, alongside other believers, we started getting questions. Questions that I’ve never known how to answer. I don’t know why bad things happen, or why there is suffering, or why as our Father He lets us get ourselves into trouble. I don’t know why there is rape, or illness. I don’t know why He doesn’t just step in and ‘fix’ everything. I don’t know.

I told them I didn’t know. I told them that we aren’t ever going to understand God’s plan or way of thinking, I mean, He’s God after all. I knew that I wouldn’t be able to convince anyone. I knew that I wouldn’t change their minds. I told them that I was probably the last person they should talk to because not only do I not have the answers, but the answers I do have, well, they aren’t that great. But I couldn’t stop typing.

It hurt my heart to see these women respond to my King that way. He isn’t bad, we are. People are bad. But they didn’t understand that, and then I started to notice a developing theme, these women used to believe, or had dabbled in believing, but something had stopped them. Can you guess what it was?

Well, it wasn’t God. Because they couldn’t understand God, and it’s hard to understand someone if you don’t know them. And yes, some of them even threw out science as a reason not to believe, but I don’t buy that. To me, the idea of science is the same. Unless you’re there creating formulas and experiments (can you tell science is not a favorite of mine!?) then why do you believe what they say? I know that people say that everyone can replicate what scientists do, but I am telling you that, no, no I couldn’t, why? Because I don’t understand it.

But that’s not why these women stopped believing or never started in the first place. The reason? Christians. I hope that answer made you stop dead in your tracks and start thinking.

We are supposed to represent Jesus and God. We are His army down here, but here we are, turning people away from Him?! Ummm. I cannot stress enough to you, my friends, that we are no better than anyone else. Let me say it again, WE ARE NO BETTER THAN ANYONE ELSE.

I am sick and tired of ‘Christians’ throwing God in the face of others. I am tired of the judging and the condemning. I am tired of the hurting. I am tired of the speaking on behalf of God when it’s convenient for you. I’m tired of the Bible being used as a weapon. We aren’t involved in some elite club. There is no limit to our membership, so why aren’t we doing a better job of representing??

The truth? These people probably understand the facts of the Bible better than I do. They probably know the stories better than I do. They probably know the history of the church better than I do, but they don’t know God and the personal relationship He has with us better than I do. I know Him because I had others show, demonstrate, and talk about it. I knew He was good because I saw them and the example they led. There was no amount of convincing anyone could have done to me or for me. People are set in their ways. It’s what they are comfortable with, and let’s be honest, God, Jesus, and Christianity are not very comfortable. But my heart started to soften when I saw these people and the life they led. They were good because He is good. They were love because He is love. It’s not difficult, all we need to do is be an example and remember who we are representing. Let Him do the rest.

I’ve said it before and I will say it again, to my friends who don’t believe, remember that God is good. Remember that He is love. I can’t speak for Him and so I don’t know how he feels about you, but that’s not my job, that’s not any of our jobs. We should leave that up to Him. Your relationship with God is between you and Him. But please, please, please, please remember that when people try to hurt you with God, ignore them. It’s obvious they don’t know who their King is, so don’t let them fool you. You’re their distraction.

4 Replies to “You’re Their Distraction.”

  1. I think sometimes as Christians we take our “witnessing” a little to strong it isn’t to point out everyone’s faults and make them feel like failures we should be the biggest witness with no words needed… People are watching ALL THE TIME and we should be showing Christ through our attitude, the way we speak to and about others, the way we carry ourselves, our smiles… You’ve got the joy of The Lord right??? Well Joy doesn’t walk around and give ugly looks and frown at people put on the smile and be friendly!!
    Also as you said we are not better than anyone else and non Christians sometimes can put us on a pedestal as well we are humans and we make mistakes, we have bad days, we still sin, we still do the wrong things, say the wrong things and can get upset and angry and so on…Being a Christian doesn’t mean we are now perfect, it means we are saved BY GRACE by a PERFECT God who when we do make mistakes we can go to Hi
    And He forgives them with HIS perfect love… That’s what I tell people anyway :)

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