And the definition of equality is what?

Too often I hear people talking about doing good and being good. You say to yourself “Well, what’s wrong with that?” and the answer is “nothing, really”. Doing good and being good are great. I try daily to do good and be good, but what I’m disappointed with is when people think that’s all it takes to be a good Christian. Wrong. Wrong. Wrong. So very wrong.

Like I said before, doing good and being good are great. People should do it. People should want to live a life that’s good, but that’s not all that it takes. It takes so much more to be a ‘good’ Christian. I’m not even sure there is such a thing as a ‘good’ Christian, but that’s for another day.

Of course I think that if we live a ‘good’ life then other people will notice and perhaps associate ‘good’ with God. That’s not a terrible thing, but it isn’t the absolute truth either.

God is good. He is sooooo flippin’ good. And people should know that, but He’s more than that. Being a Christian is more than that.

Why do people believe that there is a sort of ‘checklist’ that is associated with being a Christian and spending eternal life in Heaven, there isn’t. There’s nothing that says “if you do this, then you get this many points and it takes such and such amount of points to get into heaven”. Yeah, it doesn’t work like that. Maybe it would be nicer if it did, but it doesn’t.

You want to know how to get to Heaven? You believe in Jesus. You believe that He was sent to earth to die for our sins, so that we may receive the gift of eternal life. Yep, you heard right. Getting into Heaven is a gift.

Not everyone will receive that gift. For the longest time I believed that we all stood a chance. It’s still hard for me to admit that some people I know may not be in Heaven when they pass away. I try not to think of it too much, but all I can do is pray that they eventually understand who Jesus is and they come to love Him just as much as I do. And the kicker? These people are good people. They are honest, and genuine. They do good for others on a daily basis. But it’s just not enough.

So after I really began to wrap my mind around this simple idea that there’s nothing I can do (except accept Jesus as my Lord and Savior) I realized that a lot of ‘Christians’ have it all wrong. I used to have it all wrong. And there’s not enough people in the world telling you the truth.

Often times Church tells you what you want to hear so that you come, because here’s a crazy fact, if people don’t go to church, the church doesn’t get money, if the church doesn’t get money, the church doesn’t exist, if the church doesn’t exist, then people are out of work. And guess what? People don’t like to be out of work.

Unfortunately, the church has become a big business. Not all of them. There are still some churches who are doing what they are supposed to be doing, but I can make this statement about church becoming a business because now that I live in Houston, I’ve never seen so many churches, and not just regular churches, but super, giant, mega churches that each have their own way to relate to you and me. But the thing is, church shouldn’t be relating to us. Church shouldn’t mold to work for us, but we should mold to work for church.

I hate that this even exists. I hate that people can’t trust the church like they should be able to. But if you are like me, then this is a big deal. This is a big deal breaker.

So often, I hated what Christians stood for because of church; because of my experience with church. It was fake. And people often went into church with a to-do list crossing off ‘Church, Sunday, 11am’.

If people are only ‘Christians’ on Sunday mornings, what does that say about Christians? Well, for one, that’s not a Christian. I know that’s what they say they are and what they claim. I know that often times they shove it down your throat and try to hurt you with those words, but they’re lying.

Christians shouldn’t hurt people. We shouldn’t judge. We shouldn’t discriminate. If being a Christian does those things then we’re doing it wrong. Jesus didn’t judge. Jesus didn’t discriminate.

Yes, it’s true that we [Christians] have been made holy. We have been set apart, but we’re not better and He doesn’t love us any more than everyone else. (People don’t like hearing that one at all, but it’s true!) He made us all the same. He loves us all the same.

You heard me correctly. He loves us all the same. Even when we don’t love Him. Even when we don’t deserve it. Even when we don’t believe. He loves us. All of the time. That’s what we as Christians need to remember. That’s what we need to set out to be like. Because then, at least the way I look at it, when we can truly love anyone, then that means that we have fully come to accept Jesus as our King. We have begun to create His Kingdom here on Earth, and being good, and doing good, will just happen.

As a believer, I am comforted by that, that He loves me all of the time. For those of you who have a hard time believing, I don’t expect that my words will convince you, but just take a minute to sit back and think about that. He loves you all of the time, no matter what. Maybe you think you don’t deserve it, and maybe you’re right, but that’s not what He thinks. Just remember that. It doesn’t matter what everyone else says, thinks or does. Just Him. He’s the only one that has ever mattered.

One Reply to “And the definition of equality is what?”

  1. To be a Christian is defined by “being Christ like” He was God’s son. The bible says FAITH w/o WORKS means NOTHING at all. So, while we do have to believe, that alone is not enough. We also know that; just because you are baptized, does not mean you have a guarantee of everlasting life, because the same people who you were sure would be in Paradise, may not be. The old saying “a wolf in sheep clothing.” The bible also states only 144k will go to heaven. If you re sight the our father prayer, and listen to what Jesus was saying in that prayer while teaching others how to pray, you will see that; Most of us will remain here on earth, as God Almighty Org. set out for humans in a paradise, after Armageddon comes. And only select few will actually receive the gift of reigning with Jesus in heaven. God’s purpose for mankind has never changed. Because Adam and Eve disobeyed, does not at all mean God rewrote his plan for mankind. “thy kingdom come; on EARTH as it is in HEAVEN. That is what you are praying for.. You are not praying to GO to heaven.

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