Date Night.


Justin and I knew that once we had two kids life would be different, very, very different. We were right. Someone is always needing something or wanting something. We never feel like we are able to pay enough attention to both of them. We certainly don’t have time for ourselves, but we love it. We love every single second of it.

But even though we love it, we also love time to ourselves and that’s why date night is so important to us.

2013-10-21 17.14.35

With Justin’s weird schedule we aren’t able to go out on the weekends, so we have claimed Monday night. You’re probably thinking to yourself, “what’s there to do on Monday nights?” Well, the answer is not much. But when the husband told me about Karbach Brewing Co. in Houston, I knew we had to at least go check it out.

2013-10-21 17.05.47

I will be honest, the first time I went, I don’t remember much. It had been the first time I had been drinking (like really drinking) since having Adelaide, but after going back again and again, it’s the perfect thing to do on a Monday night, and it’s the perfect date night for us. And now that the weather is absolutely perfect and gorgeous (Yes, I finally said it, and yes I’m still living in Texas!) sitting outside drinking a couple of beers is the perfect way to spend a few hours alone, or with some friends.


Karbach has tastings every Monday, Friday, and Saturdays. Times vary, but on Monday’s they open up at 4:30 and close at 7:30. For first-timers, you can also take the tour of the brewery at 6pm and see how it’s all made. But this is perfect for us since me and Justin are old now and we can hardly stay awake past 9pm anyways, this date night works out great because we can go out, hang out, pick the kids up, and get home all by 9pm.


And that’s not even the best thing about Karbach Brewing Co. and date night. Yes, it happens every week. Yes it’s gorgeous outside and we are finally able to enjoy this great weather. Yes their beer is amazing and I’m not even a beer drinker. Yes the hours work well for me and Justin since we have kids to take care of. But no, there’s more: The price!


How many times have you sat at home because you can’t afford to go out? I know we’ve sat around most of our marriage, but Karbach Brewing Co. isn’t out to make money, they are out for people to come and experience a good time. For $8 you get a free glass, and 4 beers, 1 of them being a specialty beer. You can’t beat it, plus if you come back and bring your own glass, you save a $1 off admission, and then if you bring a canned food donation, bam! another dollar off. And if you’re like me, you don’t always drink all of the beers so I can save my tokens and bring them back the next time!


I love my kids, and I love being a mother, but I also love my husband and I know that time together and time alone for us is few and far between. I also know that it’s important to take time out for each other and work on our marriage. I’m happy that we’ve found something that we both enjoy that doesn’t break the bank and allows us time together in this crazy hectic life we live. Sometimes it’s nice to just slow down and have a cold one, and there’s no better place than Karbach Brewing Co.

2013-10-21 17.35.03

For more information on Karbach Brewing Co. check out their website at

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