Me? You want me?

As I continue to try and find my stride, walking beside Jesus, I am more and more aware of his impact and presence in my life, like more than ever. Even as I stray, He’s there, walking with me, every single step of the way.

A good friend of mine contacted me earlier this week to see if she could feature me and one of my blogs in her church newsletter. Of course I said yes, but then I started thinking. Here I was, here my writing was, being featured in a church newsletter? Seriously?? For someone who feels as if they haven’t grown much and who feels like they are always struggling to uphold Christ in my life, and for someone who always falls prey to sin, I was being featured?!

I never would have believed that this is what I would be doing, but I have to tell you, it’s so much better than what I thought.

Remember friends, He never leaves you, not even for a second. You may be struggling and you may be wandering away, but He is our shepherd and He will always take care of us.

And just like my friend, His timing is perfect.



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