Jade Made Creations


I love unique things. I love creative people. I love unique things made by creative people! And so when I saw my friend talking about her new wrap scrap headband I immediately had to find out what this ‘wrap scrap’ was, who made it, and where I could get some!


That’s how I stumbled onto Jade Made Creations. Jade Chiu is a 27 year old, natural living and attachment parenting mama to Zoey, her two year old daughter. Married to Sam, her husband, for four years, Jade Made Creations started when Jade became a stay-at-home-mama. Like most of us SAHM’s she wanted to buy things that she and her husband couldn’t really afford and so she decided to make some of the items herself!

A few months passed and Jade’s friends started asking her to make them things too and soon she realized that she may have come up with something. With the encouragement from her friends and family she branched out and started Jade Made Creations.

Jade Made Creations features Eco-friendly, up-cycled wrap scrap  accessories and creations. Jade’s favorite item to make? “Probably necklaces,” she said.


And that’s exactly what I made sure to order from Jade! “They are great for teething babies to chomp on, for breastfeeding or bottle feeding babies to fiddle with while eating and for babywearing babies to play with instead of pulling their parents hair.”

And Adelaide knows a thing or two about pulling hair and recently she’s learned to pinch boobies while she eats, so when I learned I could get something that would prevent that from happening that was reason enough for me!

And I am so happy I did because Adelaide has fallen in love with this necklace. She isn’t pinching or pulling anymore, well that’s a lie, she is, but now she’s pinching and pulling our necklace!

photo 2(2)

Jade has so much more than just necklaces. Make sure to check out her entire line which also includes headbands, bracelets, wristlets, door latch covers, sleep masks, wet bags, snack and sandwich bags, key fobs, buttons, earrings, hair pins, lovies, EC belts and more!


Jade Made Creations are not only practical, they are also gorgeous and unique! And Jade’s prices aren’t going to empty out your pockets either.

Interested in getting your hands on your very own Jade Made Creations?? Sweet! Just check out Jade Made Creations on Facebook! Or Instagram: Jadeyeonghee.

photo 1(4)

Also, to my friends in NC be sure to check out Jade and Jade Made Creations at the Baby Belly Bazaar, Saturday, November 9 from 10am-2pm. Details are below!


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